Alo Moves Yoga Free Trial Review

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ForestDad Thu 14-Jan-21 23:42:31

Hi, having previously been a yoga with Adriene person I thought I’d try alo moves. Have signed up for a 14 day trial, thereafter would be $20/month.
First impressions: app is good and allows downloads of the videos. You can have background music on or off during the sessions.
Tonight I’ve tried ashtanga step by step (very slow, so far more like a lecture than a practice). I think that it’s a bit too beginnerry.
Also did a meditation from fear to love (10mins) was nice, made me hot.
And hip/hamstring flexibility (glutes). Basically foam roller your glutes and one legged pigeon. But nicely done.
Overall nice classes, compared to YWA seems a bit serious though!
Any suggestions on things to try welcome. I’ll update as and when I do more.
Note I’m not getting paid or anything for this in case anyone’s wondering.

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Cormoran Fri 15-Jan-21 00:04:53

I have been doing Tara Stiles since 2010 or 2011. All for free.
Her YouTube channel

I just love love her

ZaraW Sun 17-Jan-21 15:21:58

I've been with Alo Yoga for years. Joined when it was called Cody.

My favourite teachers are Elvis Garcia, Patrick Beach, Dylan Warner and Briony Smythe.

I just signed up to Yoga Rebel annual membership was only £31. It looks pretty good.

ForestDad Tue 26-Jan-21 15:31:36

Update; been quite busy so haven't done much. Have to say though I do find some of the American accents a little annoying... Was going to cancel but they offered another month for free so will stick with it and do some more fitness-type ones I think.
Really I want more flexibility but don't like long flexibility practices (boring!).
Thanks for replies, is it time for Shavasana yet?

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ZaraW Tue 26-Jan-21 16:02:45

Fit Flow Max is good for a yoga based workout.

knitwearordeath Mon 08-Feb-21 16:46:30

Ha, just signed up for this. I’m normally a die hard ashtangi (and still practice that in the mornings) but I fancied adding something else in a few times a week so I’m going to do one of the courses, maybe the Briony handstand one.

ForestDad Tue 16-Mar-21 10:15:32

Update: I hadn't used it much in the 2 week trial so went to cancel and was offered another month free which I took.
I did a few more of the meditation sessions and some more strength ones with Callie which were good. Now I'm doing more landscaping work it's more productive to do some more of that than to sit inside and do exercises so I've given it up. Gonna try a couple of the recommendations here, thanks.

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