30 days of yoga

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Vavavoovoom Tue 11-Aug-20 01:05:33

Just started my own challenge to do 30 days of yoga. On day 5. So much opportunity with Zoom yoga now. My old centre shut and moved to a place I can't get to now but started a monthly subscription of access to a video archive of all the lockdown sessions. Yoga on demand! I realise this isn't new but is to me and feel excited for first time in ages. The heat is helping the flexibility too 😂 The longest I have done is 7 days so curious to see what happens.

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GrimDamnFanjo Tue 18-Aug-20 00:50:10

How's it going?

Vavavoovoom Tue 18-Aug-20 06:42:56

On day 8. So good for emotional balance, focus, feeling whole. My favourites have been 1 hr hatha class, also done ones specifically focusing on hips/lower back and chest/shoulders. Harder during the week when 10-20 min class is easier but managing double classes on weekends.

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InfiniteSheldon Tue 18-Aug-20 06:50:38

I did 45 days straight a couple of years ago and it felt amazing. I manage 4 or 5 days but make too many excuses. Adrienne yoga is great but Boho Beautiful is my favourite.

Vavavoovoom Tue 18-Aug-20 18:21:42

Love the locations of Boho Beautiful!

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InfiniteSheldon Tue 18-Aug-20 19:28:00

Poop just realised I read this thread yesterday and promised myself I'd do one today......

InfiniteSheldon Wed 19-Aug-20 10:14:56

Boho morning yoga done today wed 19th

Vavavoovoom Wed 19-Aug-20 11:58:13

Well done! Yesterday I did Yoga With Kass, a short one.

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InfiniteSheldon Thu 20-Aug-20 06:55:54

I'll check that out I'm on toddler watch today but hopefully she'll nap

OceanPacific Thu 20-Aug-20 07:01:58

I'm doing this too. Only about 30mins a day though. Trying to get my hips more opened and relaxed so focusing on that and lower back.

InfiniteSheldon Thu 20-Aug-20 20:29:13

Managed a 15 min self practice which is OK really given snotty clingy toddler plus blood donation yesterday left me a bit tired. That's 2 days. Going to check that recommendation out tomorrow but I'm feeling a nice hard Boho might be due..

Vavavoovoom Fri 21-Aug-20 08:21:31

@OceanPacific David Prochysyn has an amazing class for hip opener and lower back, it's an hour. Quite an old one. He's just sat in a park with a bunch of ducks 😂, It's very good.

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