Which vinyasa Youtube or Insta yoga sessions have you used in lockdown?

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sixthtimelucky Sun 07-Jun-20 09:37:44

I'm struggling to find one I love that is power/vinyasa but without crazy stuff like star jumps which don't feel very yoga-y like Ariane! And good sound quality (some are really bad)

The classes I do normally are vinyasa and Bikram and I do pay to do them on Zoom but would be good to find strong 60 min sessions to do for free once or twice a week.


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ZaraW Mon 08-Jun-20 16:41:11

The Journey Junkie is good.

Daisy03 Thu 02-Jul-20 18:42:45

I’ve been doing the lululemon channel on YouTube. Favourite power and vinyasa flow I’ve found on there are baron Baptiste and Alli Maz

Theyweretheworstoftimes Thu 02-Jul-20 18:43:04

Cat Meffan!

lastqueenofscotland Wed 08-Jul-20 10:52:07

Yoga with Tim

Beatricemom89 Mon 13-Jul-20 12:40:40

I'd like to recommend you a cool yoga youtube blog, that names SarahBethYoga. It's not a 60-minute session, but I think you'll find a suitable video for you. I, personally, like a playlist Full body yoga and Morning yoga. I didn't try a Power yoga but I think it's cool too.

Hangingover Mon 13-Jul-20 12:42:42

Downdog ap is brilliant. You select the kind of practice you want, how long, what style and it spits out a bespoke video, right down to which areas of the body you want to target and how much voice over you want, I love it

KittyMcKitty Tue 04-Aug-20 11:19:56

I like Marcus Veda (goodlordveda on Insta) he live-streams everything.

KittyMcKitty Tue 04-Aug-20 11:20:53

Sorry just realised you were after free ones.

LumpySpacedPrincess Tue 04-Aug-20 11:24:10

Cat Meffin, Sarah Beth Yoga and Five Parks yoga are all great.

cockneygirl Thu 13-Aug-20 11:28:08

Doyogawithme.com. Lots of free ones and ones to buy too. All levels. All styles.

For something a bit more advanced- James French yogijames - if you like bikram and vinyasa then it has lots of challenging poses (which I don’t do!)


LaVitaPuoEsserePiuBella Fri 27-Nov-20 08:42:50

I second Five Parks Yoga with Erin Someone on YouTube - there are a few free vinyasa sessions of an hour or so. I love them!

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 30-Nov-20 20:42:42

I like Fightmaster.

HagenDaz Mon 30-Nov-20 20:45:08

Julie Montagu on Wholeself Yoga.

mrs2cats Mon 30-Nov-20 20:56:28

Not free but not expensive...the Deliciously Ella app is great value at around £10 for the whole year. Lots of yoga practices there (although not many 60 minutes ones to be honest - maybe 3) plus Pilates, barre and cardio. Also meditation, recipes....

I second the Down Dog app. I've had it for well over a year and love the way you can personalise the sequences. They were offering it for free during 1st lockdown, not sure if they've extended it.

Madeforthebeach Wed 13-Jan-21 10:45:07

I second Cat Meffan

OverByYer Sun 31-Jan-21 09:42:14

I like the Lululemon channel

fuschia2000 Sun 07-Feb-21 19:48:18

Awesome thread thankyou ❤🙏❤

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