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Yoga after childbirth

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samz89 Sun 01-Sep-19 03:37:22

Hi there,

I wanted to know when it would be safe to start yoga after childbirth? I'm recovering from an episiotomy and it's been 9 weeks but I just want something to get me active again, thought yoga would be the safest option?

Oct18mummy Sun 01-Sep-19 04:23:12

Hi I started yoga at 6 weeks post c section. Have you had your 6 week check yet? Have you been signed off that everything is ok? In my local area we had post natal yoga class that we could bring babies too so the level of yoga was right for most of the women- maybe look at that to ease you back in? X

samz89 Sun 01-Sep-19 14:43:25

Thank you, will do x

doadeer Tue 03-Sep-19 22:02:22

My mum is post natal trained and they don't advise before 12 weeks for a section and 8 weeks for vbac. I agree you should go to a mum and baby class initially as you need a teacher who underatands about unsafe postures, plus they will do lots of nice shoulder and back work - carrying a baby is painful!!

TantrumToddler Tue 03-Sep-19 22:07:59

I'm a postnatal yoga teacher, we advise after 6-8 week checks for vaginal or 12-14 weeks after section, barring complications. I always advise going to an actual class rather than online guidance if you can, because your teacher can give you better support in person and tailor sequences for your personal recovery. Move within your limits and don't force anything when you first start. It's all about your own experience and not 'keeping up' with anyone else in the class!

samz89 Wed 04-Sep-19 04:26:39

Thank you for the advice x

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