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mangoandraspberries Mon 21-Dec-20 19:07:33

I’ve recently started applying for jobs after more than 10 years in one company, so am out of date on what is standard practice these days.

I’m applying to one role directly (ie not through a recruiter). It’s a senior corporate role, in financial services.

The application form asks me to upload a CV and then fill in basic personal details. No mention of a cover letter. My question is whether it is standard practice to upload a cover letter with my CV (even though application doesn’t ask for one), or whether cover letters are generally a thing of the past and only a CV is required now?


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Respectabitch Mon 21-Dec-20 19:13:24

I would always write a cover letter, unless the application specifies CV only. You can write one and paste your CV into it so that you send only one file. At worst they'll just ignore it, but it's still the convention in my experience and gives you a chance to make a more personal case for why you suit the job.

EverybodystalkingaboutJamie Tue 22-Dec-20 07:01:54

We require a covering letter and fully expect it to be tailored to the job. We want to know you want the job we are offering not just any job and if it reads like a generic letter to any job - we are unlikely to interview. It gives us the opportunity to assess your written skills and sometimes whether you will be the correct cultural fit for our organisation.

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