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Not being paid the right hourly rate for three years!!!

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Gabby16 Thu 19-Nov-20 15:37:38

Ok, so I work in a supermarket. When I started back in 2012 I was just a supermarket assistant working on the shop floor.

3 years ago I moved over to customer services. So now I am a csa not a supermarket assistant. Csa stands for customer service assistant.

Now the whole 3 years I've been doing this, I wasn't aware or wasn't told that you get paid more hourly for this role. I was speaking to a colleague in work who gets nearly 10 pound an hour for the exact same job I do. She was shocked that o get basically minimum wage.!& get 8.74 a hour.
She told me to to speak to my line manager about my pay because it isn't right.

I really don't know how to go about this. As I believe I should of been told. I've had pay reviews and never once been told about this. I just think it's awful. I've had a little boy nearly two years ago and although it's not a massive difference in pay I've struggled because I've had to go back part time to work so really struggled with money the past year or so. And if I was on the right pay rate I believe this would of helped massively!

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to approach management favour this or what I should do?

Thanks in advance x

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Runningoutofnamestochange Thu 19-Nov-20 15:56:00

I know at a certain supermarket that new starters to previously higher grade roles were started on a lower rate and, whilst long standing staff kept their higher rate, their pay was to remain static -so no raise at their annual pay review, whilst newer staff got a pay increase each year until they will eventually come in line with longer standing staff.
Could it be something like this? Alternatively are you still seen as shop floor staff but working your contracted hours covering CSD? I know a store that has form for this. Did you sign a new contract when given the job as a CSA? You should have a copy and the full details should be on there.

Failing that just ask your section manager for 10 mins to discuss something and then explain that you now understand that you are being paid a different rate to your colleagues and could they just clarify why?

Respectabitch Thu 19-Nov-20 16:37:05

If you weren't actually told you got a pay raise on changing roles (and a change to your compensation would/should have been confirmed in writing) then you may not have a case, unless you're the only CSA that is paid below £10ph. It's very possible your colleague gets paid more but you legitimately don't for some reason - historic pay agreements and adjustments being a possibility. It's perfectly legal for your employer to pay you less than your colleague unless by doing so they're discriminating on the basis of a protected characteristic e.g. paying men more on average for the same role.

All I'd advise for now is ask your manager about what your colleague said and what standard pay for the role is.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 19-Nov-20 16:39:15

Your pay may be right. Just because she is on one rate doesn't mean everyone is. Fair enough ask the question, but don't expect them to automatically switch you.

Gabby16 Thu 19-Nov-20 16:44:53

@Runningoutofnamestochange I'm not too sure about new starters. All I know is they aren't entitled to the time and a half pay we get when working sundays or bank holidays.

I don't believe I signed a contract when I changed over to csa.

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Gabby16 Thu 19-Nov-20 16:47:07

@Runningoutofnamestochange sorry that just sent before I finished 😂!

From what I understand I've never been changed over to csa. Which now makes me understand why my pay maybe hasn't changed!

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ProtectedPeas Thu 19-Nov-20 19:51:42

I think it's worth asking the question - mistakes do get made. Can you ask your manager to check with HR. I thought supermarkets tended to pay everyone who does a job the same could be as simple as a computer error and if it is they will just fix it and backdate your pay.

I know it means a lot to you but try not to sound annoyed with your manager , it might not be their screw up, it won't do you any good even if you are right.

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