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Do I tell interviewer this week I won't be available to work till June?

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hayleybeach Sat 07-Mar-20 10:39:33

I've got an interview for a part time job next week that I really really want.

The boss of my current job (also p/t and fixed term till July 2020) has been badly let down by a woman I work closely with. She just resigned. We're coming into our most busy period April to June and since this woman has gone my boss is relying on me to push the project through. I don't have a problem with this as it's more responsibility and a slight pay increase.

This all happened in the last few weeks, after I applied for this new position. So now I have a dilemma.

I am loyal and want to see out my contract with my current boss who has been good to me in the past, but do I tell the interviewer that I can't start work till June and risk losing the job or do I say nothing and see if I get offered the job first and then tell them. Would the fact that I didn't tell them hack them off even more? To add to it I've also got a 3 week holiday booked for end of July (booked over a year ago). Just don't know what to do for the best.

Timing is lousy but it's a job I've always wanted and would hate to miss the chance because of bad timing. Can any interviewers out there offer any advice?

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Chewbecca Sat 07-Mar-20 10:47:44

I usually ask about an interviewee’s notice period on the expectation that they would start at the end of that period.

What is your notice period? Are you saying you will stay beyond that time?

I will happily wait for a new worker to work out their notice and honour pre booked holidays but I wouldn’t be up for someone choosing to work beyond their notice period. If this is the situation you’re suggesting, I would say nothing right now. If you get offered the position, decide at that time what you really want to do.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 07-Mar-20 10:49:49

Could you just say your notice period is 3 months

hayleybeach Sat 07-Mar-20 13:07:20

It's a fixed term contract so ends mid June anyway.

I could leave with two weeks notice if I wanted but I feel loyalty towards my current boss who's been very good and fair to me and now is a man down and I feel I should stay till the end of my contract.

It's a question of loyalty and that's important to me (although it may lose me a new job!) Thank you for answering smile

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ShirleyPhallus Sat 07-Mar-20 13:10:28

It’s pretty standard to have a 3 month notice period so I’d go for the interview and then negotiate if you get offered it

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Sat 07-Mar-20 13:11:35

To be fair if recruitment were slow you could be pushing June anyway.

hayleybeach Sat 07-Mar-20 13:22:54

So not tell them at the interview? It's only a part time post.

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