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Between careers (hopefully) and feeling lost.

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whatsthatnow74 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:03:52


I recently left a job after 12 years there. I was working as an early years teacher and have done so since qualifying in 2003. Basically, I'm sick of it and feel that I'm ready to do something different but I'm not sure what. I'm also studying for a psychology degree and will graduate soon, but if anything, this is just confusing me more than ever because most psychology careers require further study and I just don't have to stimach for that.
So, I'm now unemployed although I have my degree to finish so that's providing some focus. The trouble is I feel really cast adrift, I'm used to working and it feels weird and wrong to be pottering about at home like I'm retired. If I knew what I wanted to do next, it would help, but I don't really have much idea.
I've applied for some part-time admin jobs as I would quite like to go back to working in an office environment like I did before becoming a teacher, but my experience is very out-of-date and so far I haven't had any interest in my applications.
I have the option to go back to my old job which I'm resisting because it would be a backwards move and do nothing for my morale, but it would give me the sense of purpose that I'm lacking right now.
Has anyone else been in this boat?

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fedup21 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:05:45

What made you start a whole new degree in psychology? What career change did you hope this wold lead to?

That might help people to advise you-you clearly had an idea of what you wanted to do.

whatsthatnow74 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:51:54

@fedup21 I chose to do the psychology becuase I've always been really interested in it, so it wasn't specifically with a view to changing careers, more to expand my mind and use my brain a bit!

I think my problem is that I lack self-confidence so, although I'm pretty clever, I don't believe that I'm good enough iyswim

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fedup21 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:59:15

Ah, right-I assumed it was a career move. Did you have to pay 3 years of tuition fees?

Psychology is interesting but you really need to do a doctorate to take it further which is b expensive and v hard!

whatsthatnow74 Thu 05-Mar-20 16:23:10

Well it’s a two year part time master’s conversion (so it’s master’s level but is the equivalent content of a three year BSc).

Yes, I’ve paid for it!

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WoahGreenGiant Thu 05-Mar-20 16:25:29

What further qualifications would you need to be an EdPsych? Is that something that might interest you?

fedup21 Thu 05-Mar-20 17:01:23

Well it’s a two year part time master’s conversion (so it’s master’s level but is the equivalent content of a three year BSc)

What would that qualify you to do?

My friend qualified as an Ed Psych last year. She had a psychology degree, PGCE and had taught for a few years, then did a year long masters and then a three year doctorate.

It was very expensive and the 75,000 word thesis nearly killed her, but she enjoys the job now.

Theresa17 Thu 05-Mar-20 21:56:49

Hi @whatsthatnow74
Have you thought in detail about what you would like out of a new career, besides that you like the idea of an office environment? What was it that you wanted to change from your previous work?

Your previous work and your extra studies will have given you lots of transferable skills. Spending some time listing theses and also thinking about which ones you really enjoy using and which you actually rather avoid can be a useful starting point and a good reminder that you have a lot to offer.
Have you thought about doing some work experience / volunteering to build up your confidence and explore some areas of work / companies? I would be careful going back to your old role, as you may “get sucked in” and it leaves less time and energy to work out what you really want to do at this stage in your life.
You don’t have to look at specific psychology careers, but what attracted you to going back to study this field and what specific aspects do you enjoy the most? What did you like in previous jobs that you would like to have in your next career?

You might have seen this already, but the prospects website has some nice resources linking careers and areas of study
I also like this free personality test as a starting point for self-reflection. There are a couple of sections that link to work, so could also be a nice starting point.
And if you have access to your university’s careers service, definitely use that and make an appointment with a qualified careers adviser / coach who should be able to support you working through these questions.

Good luck!

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