Resigning while on Maternity Leave - Teaching

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Olivialeigh16 Tue 03-Mar-20 19:11:41

Hi all, I am hoping to get some information regarding teacher’s Mat leave and choosing to not return.
I am due my second baby in July and due to childcare costs, I am considering not returning to work. I am struggling to find clear information around this so hoping some of you may have experienced this and can help. I have a few questions.
1. Can I resign while on leave and not have to return to work at all?
2. How much pay would I be entitled to if I am not going to return? (As in how many months pay would I get before it stops).
3. When do I have to tell them that I am not going to return?
Thank you in advance 😊

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Hercwasonaroll Tue 03-Mar-20 19:14:32

Check your T&Cs if you're an at an academy.

Usually you won't be entitled to anything above Statutory maternity pay. Any occupational pay you will have to pay back unless you return for 13 weeks. For some people, returning for 13 weeks works out better financially in the long term.

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