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Helpmexx Mon 24-Feb-20 16:20:52

Need some advice, So at work my compter wasnt working an it man came to collect it on a thruday eveneing when i went home i dont work fridays, he ended up not briging it back tillthruday the follwing week, my manager texted me on monday saying dont come in your pc isnt here so so theres nothing you can do, on tuesday he said the it man had personal issues so couldnt bring it back, on weneday he siad he wasnt bringing it in till 4pm i finish at 5pm, so again i misssed the day, i went in the next day on thruday, the folliwing week i had an email saying they were taking the 3 days from my hoilday. They cant do that can they?

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Crymea Tue 25-Feb-20 20:48:01

Hi I see no one has responded to your question. You might be better posting in employment issues as that’s a lot busier and you’d get a response

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