Where can I move abroad I'm 34?

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tartanpony Tue 11-Feb-20 10:00:07

I'm 34 and dh turns 36 this year. We are both qualified accountants but don't have degrees. We want to do further qualifications but don't have the spare £££ right now.
We're do find that with our one dc so much money just goes on living costs and would love to be somewhere even if it's for a few years while dc still young (6).

We don't earn badly here but just fed up with constantly paying out for everything and would like the opportunity to save more for our future even if it's for a few years and we return here. Also would be nice to experience a change of scenery after deaths in both our families have left us without family so nothing to tie us here really anymore and really struggling with childcare as well as a result.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 11-Feb-20 18:51:32

Stockholm in Sweden? You pay 3% of your gross salary for childcare but there's a cap so you never have to pay more than 1,260 Swedish krona [currently £113] a month per child, and so is more affordable than the UK. It is also just a lovely place.
I'm really sorry to hear about the passing of some of your family members x

Luxembourgmama Tue 11-Feb-20 18:54:34

Luxembourg! It's an amazing place with kids

LIZS Tue 11-Feb-20 19:00:30

Think you 'd be surprised his expensive life is elsewhere. Unless you transfer with a uk company you may find eea employers reluctant to take you on. Do you have language skills?

tartanpony Tue 11-Feb-20 21:05:25

Thanks I ended up posting this in chat as well... @LIZS I think you're right. My dh worked all over with his company and that's what made us really want to work somewhere. He was offered Germany but we both didn't really want to go even though I understand German (although could no way speak it until I'd been immersed in it for a while, I did used to be able to have conversations in it)

I'll have a look at Sweden. Yes maybe the U.K. isn't as expensive as we feel it is. I'd really like us to save more than we are at the moment whilst at the same time living a life. We're also bored of everything but maybe that feeling will pass in time.

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tartanpony Tue 11-Feb-20 21:15:58

And thanks @sleepismysuperpower1 we now have zero childcare which is really not something we had planned for. I have massively reduced my hours to cover childcare and still not quite sure how summer holidays are going to work yet. As dd moves up in school she can stay later at school but it's nowhere near enough hours for a ft job again.

It's put a huge financial strain on us. We have savings but they weren't for living on now, they were supposed to be for future pension age living/dd uni fees. I know obviously we have to do what we need to do but both of us are watching the savings disappear while we adjust and we have worked hard to have it pre dd. Seems like however hard we work it's not rewarded. Again I know that's life though.

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