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Feeling forced to increase hours

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workworry1 Sat 28-Dec-19 09:10:54

I work in a stressful role on a part time basis 3 long days which means I often have to work on non working days too but I do this from home and as it's normally just a few calls or emails I don't mind because I've got the flexibility to be with the dcs before and after school twice a week and don't have to pay for extra childcare This has worked fine for years but recently some team members left which has resulted in lots of extra work. They have asked me to do more which I've said I will help with but it has essentially been dumped on me and my workload now far exceeds 3 days a week and has spoilt Christmas as I've been working during annual leave too.

They have said in the new year there will be more work coming my way and it's an exciting opportunity to progress they have said I can do the additional hours from home and around school hours but I am concerned that there is so much that it will creep over school hours and will mean I will be working nights too. Also whilst they've said I can work from home I know from the nature of the work there will be meetings and other things I will need to attend so I can see this being a problem as I live a long commute away from work

The problem is if I say no it will be career suicide ( not sure I want to stay long term anyway but it's suited me to date because it's 3 days) . I also don't want to be unhelpful but I am already feeling really stressed about everything and not being very present for my dcs and dh

Any advice on how to deal with this?

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workworry1 Sat 28-Dec-19 12:23:41

Also to add I don't really need extra money and I don't see the "progression" they are talking about materialising any time soon or even if I want it!

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NemophilistRebel Sat 28-Dec-19 12:26:15

I’m Iain similar position to you and would not be happy

I work 3 long days a week with a few hours from home outside of that and that’s more than enough

If I felt like me working part time was holding back my progression I’d be quite hurt too as I do more work in my part time hours than my full time colleagues do (easily quantifiable)

MaverickSnoopy Sat 28-Dec-19 13:57:42

What package are they offering and why would it be career suicide to say no?

workworry1 Sat 28-Dec-19 21:40:19


It would be career suicide because they are in the shit and need help and I would be refusing to help

Also they seem to think this a great opportunity to progress to higher levels and won't understand why I wouldn't want to

The package they are offering is basically just more work for more pro rated money .. nothing more

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cabbageking Sat 28-Dec-19 23:07:24

Probably easier to give them a deadline when you will return to your 3 days.
This way you acknowledge you are supporting them but also that you have chosen 3 days for a reason. If you don't intend for it to be long term then you have nothing to lose. Perhaps if you are happy to, make the suggestion you would help with training a new person?

workworry1 Sun 29-Dec-19 08:30:49

Good suggestion .. I just feel between a rock and a hard place ...

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workworry1 Mon 30-Dec-19 07:57:45

The other problem is there is no one else to do it at the moment as we are recruiting but it will take time with notice etc

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mymadworld Mon 30-Dec-19 08:54:48

I would consider formally increasing to 4 days on a temporary basis of an agreed timescale of 3-6 months to allow them to re-organise or recruit. That way there is a distinction between your current 3 days week workload (albeit stretched workload!) and the increased workload they are suggesting is coming your way regardless. if you can't get childcare for the 4th day then at least agree a formal school hours work from home day and make sure your pay reflects accordingly.
Whatever you do, don't just accept the increased workload without formal recognition in some form.

workworry1 Mon 30-Dec-19 11:52:17

Yes I am just concerned that they will dump it all on me regardless

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workworry1 Tue 31-Dec-19 09:40:18

I don't want to come across as unhelpful as that will go down like a lead balloon!

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workworry1 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:20:16

I'm actually feeling sick with worry about returning tomorrow .. surely nothing is worth this

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