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AIBU to consider working away?

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roisin18 Fri 20-Dec-19 16:27:25

I currently work 4 days a week. I don't mind my job, it's ok. There's not much progression left but I feel I have quite a good work life balance. I have 2 DS (7 and 4).

I have recently been doing some ad hoc contract work for a governing body in addition to my day job as I felt I needed a challenge. Last night the governing body emailed me urging me to apply for a full time vacancy they have. It is a job I'd love, and I'm really flattered to have been considered. My only issue is, I would have to work away on average 1 or 2 days per week.

At the moment I have an hours commute to and from work so I drop the kids at childcare at 7.30 and pick them up at 5.45 Monday to Thursday. My new job would be working from home on the days I'm not away.

My question is, AIBU to consider this? I don't hear of many mums working away and I'm worried I would regret spending so much time away from the kids. On the other hand, I think that it would free up more time during the rest of the week, so I could drop them and pick them up from school. This would hopefully mean we would get a bit more quality time. Also, the salary is much much better. But I wouldn't want to take a job just for money if it impacted negatively on the kids!

Has anyone else worked away and it been ok, or regretted it?

TIA! smile

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Avebury Fri 20-Dec-19 16:32:05

I think they key thing is what arrangements you would have in place on the days you were away.

roisin18 Fri 20-Dec-19 16:44:58

Thanks for replying.

They would stay with either my partner or my parents (depending on my partners shifts). My parents stay just down the road so they see them all the time. They are about to retire so when I told them about the offer they said it was perfect timing, they'd love to have them more and I'd be mad to turn it down.

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Nifflernancy Fri 20-Dec-19 16:46:57

Is your partner their dad?

Travelmumone Fri 20-Dec-19 16:49:46

Plenty of mums work away. I know a one woman in the Air Force (USA) and 2 in the Irish navy. I also have a friend who works for a US Company and travels to the USA for two weeks every three weeks. It’s no different to a dad working away...which my dh does.

roisin18 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:10:19

My partner is not their dad. Their dad left when I was pregnant with my youngest. I met my partner a year later when my youngest was 1 and my eldest was 4. The boys are very comfortable with my partner, he we have all lived together a while now, we are a family.

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Bubblysqueak Fri 20-Dec-19 17:10:36

I would go for it. It would probably work out that you will see your DC more as you wouldn't be commuting form the majority of the week.

ChloeR81 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:16:09

Sounds like a great career opportunity and actually a really good balance. You should go for it! A few nights away a week isn’t that much, especially as it sounds like you have great arrangements in place.

CMOTDibbler Fri 20-Dec-19 17:21:23

I travel for work, so am away for 1 night - 2 weeks (its mostly in the 1-3 night range) on a regular basis. When I'm not travelling, I work from home, and its a great balance especially as ds has got older - he can amuse himself for a lot of the holidays but I wouldn't have been happy to leave him on his own at 12

dancemom Fri 20-Dec-19 17:25:47

1 or 2 days a week? And more time at home with the dcs on the remaining days? With more money? And family happy to help?


roisin18 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:35:55

Thanks everyone for your replies, I've not posted on here in ages and I've got to admit, I was a little worried I might get lots of "you don't have kids to leave them with other people" "when you have kids your own wants and needs come second" replies. confusedBut you guys have definitely helped me see it in a more positive way, and made me realise that it's probably just the standard "mum guilt" that's clouding my judgement! My kids will be loved, fed and happy whether it's someone other then me tucking them in a few nights a week or not!

Thanks everyone! grin

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