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Help me figure this out...

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mommydragon Wed 02-Oct-19 22:00:55

What would you make if this...I have just completed a 16 year long service due to redundancy. I had started searching for a new job at a pretty early stage after the redundancy announcement. I got approached by a recruiter for an amazing opportunity. The interview process was pretty long winded and involved several stages and I put in a lot of effort in getting prepared for it. I thought the interview went really well and the employer said that they would announce the outcome by Friday gone. From the beginning, the recruiter has been very hands in and we have had a good and clear and frequent communication. He has been open with me in saying that he is also sending other candidates for the same job and I too mentioned to him that I had another interview but this one was still my preference.

He even called me after both my job interviews second one being arranged by another recruiter and even then I told him I was hoping to get the first job that he had referred me to. Friday and monday I don't hear anything from him and on Tuesday I called him once in the morning and once in the evening. Both times call goes to voicemail. So I sent him a text saying I was wondering about the outcome. Wednesday night now and he hasn't replied or called back. I feel really annoyed at him. Redundancy job search is a really hard time and some people can feel really deflated and I feel so disappointed that the recruitment agent can't even be bothered to return my call... even if the outcome is not positive.

Should I call his office tomorrow? I shouldn't be having to do all this to get hold of him. I can take the news of negative outcome, but just makes me so angry that someone can switch their behaviour like this without any explanation. He also admitted I had good experience and that my interview time was longest among all candidates... thought he would see me as a good candidate to keep on record for another opportunity. But he has just gone AWOL😦

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