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Am I the problem

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akmum18 Wed 11-Sep-19 18:40:20

Every job I have had I have grown to detest it, usually because of a colleague or what is expected of me isn’t equal or fairly decided so i withdraw myself and get on with the work with a mindset of ‘work for money and forget enjoying it or making friendshps’.
I have been at my current job for almost 5 years which is the longest yet, I chose it because it’s local and works around the school run so I’m very lucky in that aspect. However... for the past year or so I have grown to hate it so much and dread it every day. Yet again there are issues with some work colleagues as before, I seem to be a target for people to take advantage of and I keep it to myself to avoid conflict but it becomes noticeable the more I withdraw from the specific person. I’m not very outgoing and I prefer working alone and getting on with it whereas most people there like to work together and take their time so they can chat etc.
I don’t feel like I’ll ever find a job I enjoy that suits me and my personality.
Is it likely I’m a ‘target’ because I prefer to avoid team work? What jobs would I be suited to in that case?
I’m desperate to find a new career path altogether but it’s very difficult where I live to find jobs especially if you aren’t trained and can’t travel far.
Is outgrowing your job a ‘thing’ when you have been there so long? I don’t feel like I’ll ever enjoy working or any job I get in the future and it’s hard not knowing where you belong in a sense and what work would suit you. Has anyone else been in this situation and came out of it in a happier enjoyable job?
I’m stuck by school run hours still so options are limited anyway and not working isn’t an optIon as I’m a single mum.
Thanks for reading my venting, I don’t have anyone to speak to in real life and if I do mention it I’m told to be grateful I have a job. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hannah021 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:58:33

5 years is a pretty long time to get bored, and to want a change, I think clearly you need to be looking around for a new job, check with job centre or online agencies for jobs (even if not to apply) but just to look at what's out there, so you can see what works for you.
Research all the companies within your school radius, and see what jobs they have, either go there and ask for their recruitment details, or check on their websites online.

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