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Lottieloves Tue 03-Sep-19 19:22:45

Just wondered if any one knows where I stand on TED days. I work in a school for 3 days a week as a TA so I have to complete 3 of the 5 TED days. For information the staff actually only do 4 days and the other 1 day is compacted into after school training of which I cant do for childcare issues.

Anyway got back from holiday Saturday (nightmare holiday- but that's a entirely new thread) ready to do two of my TED days today and yesterday. and one other later in the year (My kids are also off school on TED so had to pay and arrange childcare) I came down with a sickness bug whilst on holiday and ended up seeing an out of hours GP Sunday. Now my question is do I have to make up the Training days. the other 2 days of my schools TED days are days when I don't work and coincidentally my DD is also off.

Just wondered where I stand? I have being monitoring my emails all day and all the information i have missed about the new term has has been send to me so I haven't really missed out.


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