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Should I retrain as a counsellor?

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blackcat86 Thu 27-Jun-19 15:55:37

I have a degree in psychology and 10+ years experience in the public sector. This has included youth work, adult social care and mentoring. I have posted previously about having had a traumatic birth and seeing a stark difference between therapy that was lacking and another service that was very good. This has made me feel passionate and motivated to help those experiencing trauma, particularly women, and I am considering a PG diploma in humanistic counselling. I would need to do a L2 counselling skills course first and this would take several years and close to 10k but I could so it all part time whilst working. Has anyone done this? Are those currently working in the sector enjoying it and finding enough work? I appreciate that I would need to ensure that I continue to work through my issues with my birth trauma which I would absolutely do and my daughter would be 4 by the time I qualified.

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