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Boring Tax/NI question.

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tangledyarn Sat 04-May-19 00:18:59

I work as an employee and pay tax and NI through PAYE. I also do a small amount of self employed work so complete a tax return, when I go to complete the tax return where it asks me whether I want to pay NI contributions. Obviously I already pay this on my main job do I need to also pay these for the self employed work? Thanks in advance.. am very rubbish at the paperwork side of this!

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GummiberryJuice Sat 04-May-19 00:30:11

I think it depends on how much your profit is from self employed income, there are 2 classes of NI, which you have to pay, if you google employed and self employed, there is a handy tax calculator.
I'm sure someone with a bit more awake than me will be along

tangledyarn Sat 04-May-19 00:38:40

Ahh ok I'll try and have a Google. Think it was around 3k last tax year.

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