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Flexible working agreement now can’t be met

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Connors Wed 06-Feb-19 19:33:34

I wonder if anybody is able to give me some advice after having my little girl I went back to work part time and had flexible working hours agreed which are Monday to Thursday 8am to 1.30pm
I had these hours agreed as these work around dropping my child off at nursery at 7.30 on a morning and picking her back up at 2pm
The problem I am facing is the car parking situation at work has changed and I no longer have a space on site meaning I have to park away from work which takes me an extra 20mins to get into work from where I park my car meaning I don’t arrive at work until 8.20am then also having to leave work at 1.10 to give me the 20mins to get back to my car then the half an hour it takes to get to my child’s nursery in time to collect her at 2pm, this means I am loosing 40mins per day, I do have flexi but obviously I am unable to make the 40mins x4 days up at any other time as I alway have my child on other days and don’t have other child care
Work has said I would need to manage this by making my time up at home on a Thursday or Saturday evening when my child is staying at her fathers house, I really don’t think this is right as that is my only time to myself I should have to log in from home to make up hours which are outside of my agreed flexible working pattern.
I am also pregnant with child number 2 it is early days and I have had a few problems and this situation is causing additional stress to my whole situation.
Any advice would be great.

nerdsville Fri 08-Feb-19 20:16:28

It's not clear what advice you're asking for exactly? Your employer is paying you for a certain no of hours per week and you are not currently working all of those hours so they aren't unreasonable to ask you to make up the time.

Have you asked whether they will amend your work pattern to fit in with the hours you can actually attend if you don't want to work at other times? You can't be expecting them to pay you for 40 extra mins per day that you're not actually working?

swingofthings Mon 11-Feb-19 07:50:08

It's either reducing your contracted hours or make up the time as suggested. You are actually fortunate to have been given that option. Surely you don't expect to be paid for 40 free mi utes each day.

I assume you've looked at all options to still park on site or get there by public transport assuming that would be quicker.

Lazypuppy Tue 19-Mar-19 22:05:32

You have to do your hours. Or reduce your hours by 40mins a day.

What answers are you looking for?

Parking is not your employers problem

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