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Flexible Working Request Discussion - What to Expect

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MeadowHay Sat 17-Nov-18 14:42:15

Hi, I am currently on maternity leave, due to return to work in the spring. I have just submitted a formal application for flexible working. This has been forwarded on to The Big Boss of my workplace. She says we need to have a discussion about it before she rejects or agrees it (I think this is the law anyway?). I had to submit a special application form that my employer provides, which included detailing how my proposed changes would impact my employer and colleagues, and suggestions about how my employer could mitigate/facilitate it.

Has anyone had one of these 'discussions' before? What did your employer/boss ask you? Did you need to explain more your reasons for requesting it (mine are to do with childcare)? I'm quite anxious about it as I have no idea what to expect.

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MeadowHay Tue 20-Nov-18 11:44:48


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EmpressJewel Tue 20-Nov-18 21:48:46

The purpose of the meeting is generally to discuss your request in more detail.

My suggestion would be to focus on how your request won't be detrimental to the rest of the team. For example you have asked to not work Wednesdays as your key client isn't in on those days/there are no key meetings on that day).

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