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Full time working from home - realistic?

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Horispondle Sat 29-Sep-18 15:30:29

Hi does anyone have experience of working full time from home, where the rest of the team are office based? How often would you recommend physically going into the office?
Considering applying for a position 3hrs drive away which was not advertised as WFH but I know they are struggling to find anyone locally. Trying to work out what would be a reasonable proposition. Going in once a month? Could I expect them to pay an overnight at a hotel once a month?

Isleepinahedgefund Sun 30-Sep-18 07:44:46

I work most of the time from home, some of my team works in the office some flex work like to do (everyone is allowed to, it’s personal preference). I live an hour from my office, about two from the other office I sometimes need to go to.

Once a month isn’t enough really, especially if everyone else is office based. We all try and coincide in the office once a week. I’d be surprised if they were happy with once a month tbh, it’s impossible to build working relationships in the same was as if you see your colleagues more often. Your management might reasonably want you there every/most days for some time before letting you work at home anyway, especially as the job is not a WFH job anyway. Also it is very isolating for the person working away all the time. We used to have 100% home workers but they did away with them a few years ago as people became so disconnected. I don’t go in at all on the odd week and it can get rather lonely - email and phone just aren’t the same as physically being with other people.

As for a hotel, I know what the policy at my work is - it’s your responsibility to travel to and from your office and if you need an overnight it’s your responsibility to meet the cost. We have staff who travel much more than three hours to work. Exceptions being if I’m travelling to somewhere other than my usual office, then they pay for the difference. Home is not counted as our “usual office” in any circumstances.

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