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Is this a bad idea?

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Nomorecakes Sun 15-Jul-18 22:31:37

I currently run a busy business (retail) that is soooo stressful we sell and rent outfits and it is very very labour intensive. Staffing is a nightmare and rent/rates very high.
I’m now thinking about selling business/giving notice and doing something different. We have recently moved and have been very lucky to find somewhere that has a business premises attached with its own entrance etc. It’s sitting as a playroom just now and is a huge room.
My girls love arts and crafts and have been heavily into their fairy garden recently. My idea was to maybe do arts and crafts for kids from there? But maybe run things like fairy garden sessions as well as stock fairy garden items that people can buy. As well as other specialised things? It’s just something I’ve got in my head but any ideas/feedback would be great.
Thank you.

Nutellawithporridge Wed 01-Aug-18 15:32:46

If it's a room going spare and it wouldn't take too much money to set up then why not?! I have 2 boys so can't say I'm aware of what girls like but I wonder if you could offer different themes on different occasions e.g. unicorns, princesses, animals, etc, just to increase your chances of success? Our school often send out arts leaflets to parents for local businesses so maybe you could do that and offer a half term discount for the next hols if they book by a certain date?

Almostthere15 Wed 01-Aug-18 15:38:45

We have used pot painting workshops and slime workshops this summer. You can just turn up or they do birthday parties.

It would be nice to have themed workshops (fairies and magical creatures for example could be elf/fairy doors or gardens) or base things on a book (paper dolls for example you could make bunting). It can't be done for no outlay as the expectation of the quality of materials would be quite high and there will still be staffing costs (and I guess insurance if you're offering parties).

It's worth thinking about how to make it stack up in term time though, maybe toddler groups with painting/sticking /songs.

I think it could really work

Babymamamama Wed 01-Aug-18 15:40:35

There is somewhere like that near me and it seems to do very well. Mixture of shop and crafting classes for kids both after school and in holidays. Go for it.

Babymamamama Wed 01-Aug-18 15:41:20

Oh and they also host kids crafting birthday parties which are lovely.

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