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Apprentice oyster photocard discount.

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onaroll Thu 21-Sep-17 09:01:07

So my 18year old is his third week of his apprenticeship.
Yesterday he found on tfl’s Website that they now do an apprentice oyster discount card.
It gives 30% off travelcards ( not daily ones) & bus/tram season tickets.

They need to be 18 + and in their 1st year of apprenticeship & live in London Borough to qualify. It will be valid for 1 year only of the apprenticeship.

I spoke to them yesterday , he can apply as soon as his 16+ zip card expires but not whilst it’s valid.
It will then give him 30% off adult travel cards ( weekly, monthly or annual).

I did some maths , he only travels to work 4 days a week: 1 day a week is his Uni Day so will only use his oyster 4 days.
By buying a discounted weekly travel card , it still works out cheaper than 4 x daily caps on his oyster card.
Non term time, when he’s at work (& travelling 5 days) , its a substantial saving on fares weekly.
He’s decided to buy the monthly travelcards as the savings increase.

Hope this helps anyone’s child who is in their 1st year if their apprenticeship

TeenTimesTwo Tue 26-Sep-17 13:43:42

We're not in London, but it is nice to know someone cares about apprentices. Everywhere I look I see discounts for students (who in theory are going to earn loads later), but nothing for apprentices.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 26-Sep-17 13:47:12

nice smile there needs to be a lot more for students in this age group who aren't working yet.

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