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Any virtual PAs out there??

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WottyMcWottFace Fri 29-Jul-16 10:07:45

I've been offered a great opportunity to work as a freelance virtual PA, it ticks all the boxes and is home based which is perfect with having a young family. I'm unsure what the going rate of pay is though, I've looked online but it's so conflicting and a massive range. I can't compare to my current salary as its quite high but v stressful and the hours are terrible. I need to be at home so I'm happy to take the pay drop but don't want to sell myself short.
Any tips would be greatly received!

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Overtiredbackagain Fri 29-Jul-16 10:15:16

I'm not a virtual, as such, I work in London, Monday to Friday but with flexible working, I am permitted to work from home in the evenings to make up the time I leave the office to collect the DC. For me, it is a lifesaver, I'm fortunate that, although my boss is London-based, because he is American, he works a lot to NY time, so it works well for him to have me online later of an evening. I'm not sure about salary- wise, I guess you have to weigh-up how much you would spend on commuting and childcare if you were to work in the office?

I can quite literally do everything from home, I am set up with my own PC, but log in to work servers, I can print and scan documents, and I can divert my office phone to a lap top.

WottyMcWottFace Fri 29-Jul-16 11:19:41

Child care is the main attraction for me. I simply can't work my usual job now I have 3 little ones (6m/3y/7y). The company is based in London but I'm based in the north, salaries are at complet opposite ends of the scale based on locations. I really just need to research and sit down with my figures before we sit down to finalise

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Overtiredbackagain Fri 29-Jul-16 11:33:46

Will you be able to work with small ones around you? I work from home some days, my youngest is just turned one, and although she is still fairly easy to manage, it gets harder the more they do, if that makes sense.

WottyMcWottFace Fri 29-Jul-16 11:59:49

I should be ok, eldest is at school, middle at preschool and baby at home but very willing grandparents to help with her and DH has own business so can take turns with her. If I had them all here during the day then there would be no chance

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Overtiredbackagain Fri 29-Jul-16 12:10:59

I think it sounds a great opportunity then, as long as it is financially viable

JinRamen Fri 29-Jul-16 12:15:28

I am. I often work with the kids around, but they are a bit older. Set very clear rules from the start. When I have my headset on for Skype conference calls then they are not to disturb me at all, unless they are bleeding and or broken. I home school so my eldest is quite used to this routine now, although I do try and do quite a bit at night. He even makes me the occasional coffee if the call is going on too long! smile usually the younger two (not home ed, just the eldest) are at school but I have done quite a bit of work these holidays, so it is possible.

Good luck!

mrsvilliers Sun 31-Jul-16 21:52:14

General rules seem to be to go with you currently salary plus a third if self employed as you won't have sick pay and will have to pay tax.

Otherwise I would look at companies that offer a virtual PA service and see how much they charge their clients and go with that. The one I work for charges clients £30 ph if that helps. Good luck!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Wed 03-Aug-16 03:41:56

I am in London and most established VAs I use charge around £25ph. That is gross, so that isn't what you'll take home.

It is worth discussing how things will work if a piece of work doesn't arrive as expected and you have childcare in place. How flexible are they expecting you to be?

Hope it works out.

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