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Moving to self-employment

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greenbloom Sun 14-Feb-16 18:27:43

I am hoping to leave a minimum wage stressful job and move into self-employment. I already tutor English GCSE. I have an English degree and have done a little non- fiction writing and adult education. Do you freelancers do a variety of things? How do you market yourselves? I also have a life- coaching qualification. Grateful for any hints or tips.

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TalkinPeace Wed 24-Feb-16 21:04:23

get started THEN give up the day job

venusandmars Sun 28-Feb-16 11:59:39

TO be successfully self employed you need to have some kind of a plan for how exactly you will make money.

Tutoring, OK, how many hours do you want to work, at what fee? Is there a client base?
Non-fiction writing, do you have a specialist area? Look at people per house and other websites to see how much (or how little) you might earn.
Life-coaching. Do you have existing clients, can you extend your client base, do you have a niche area of work?
Can you use all your skills together to create an interesting package? e.g. running workshops for teens, helping them to self-publish fiction / non-fiction writing?

As TalkinPeace said, be very sure you can earn an income before you give up your job.

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