Bright and Beautiful Cleaning Franchise - any opinions please?

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VandaLonely Thu 17-Sep-15 18:57:18

I've also posted the below in Chat (just letting you know in case it's not the done thing to post in more than one place!)

I'm soon going to be made redundant and am exploring what I can do. I'm fortunate in that the family doesn't have to rely on my wage so I've got a bit of flexibility. I don't want to commute any more and I do have past experience of running my own business so wondered if this could be a way forward.

Any opinions and experiences gratefully received. Thank you.

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biscuitkumquat Thu 17-Sep-15 19:05:46

I run a cleaning business, and have done for around 12 years. By all means PM me with any questions.

Why are you thinking of a franchise though?

VandaLonely Thu 17-Sep-15 19:14:12

Thank you biscuit, that's kind. I thought a franchise (with a good business model) might be the way to go as I know nothing about running a cleaning business - my past experience was in a very different area.

I'm guessing you started up yourself?

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