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havenlady Thu 10-Sep-15 11:05:03

I run my own small business - just me - I have plenty of work, flexibility, variety etc, and am good at what I do. However, I do find it very stressful at times (it is the sort of field where problems can crop up at any time), and I feel I am on duty 24/7. Now there are probably ways to deal with that but I am a natural worrier and always will be. So I am tempted to go back to a salaried job - doing something slightly different, where I can plan my time more, income will be similar. Also helps that my kids are older now and being at home is less important. There is the appeal of paid holidays, reliable income, support of colleagues etc.
Is it just a case of the grass being greener?
Anyone else out there done this, or got any advice?

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tallskinnylatte Tue 15-Sep-15 21:22:33

I'm not sure I can offer any advice as I'm in a similar situation but I'd be interested to see what anyone else says as well. I've been working freelance since taking redundancy while on mat leave 6 yrs ago and work for one main client and smaller contracts for others- partly at home and partly all over the place. The flexibility has been great but like you I worry about everything and really miss being able to sound out issues with colleagues- and likewise help them. I also would prefer to be working closer to home (the same city) rather than having meetings 2-3 hours away. Plus all the other benefits of course. I think it's a question of looking around and going for the right thing- you're not desperate as you still have work and an income so going into a job would hopefully be the right job.

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