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Transcription from home

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pae116b Mon 27-Jul-15 16:19:15

I already work for Dict8, a medical transcription company and seem to get plenty of work from them. I am now considering giving up my employed job so that I can work from home. I think I should probably apply to some other companies so that I have enough work, does anyone have experience of working for OutSec or Accuro, particularly doing medical transcription?

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Gally123 Thu 24-Mar-16 09:21:35

Hi Pae116b - I have been working for Dict8 for some time now from home but recently their proof reading feedback has been a little odd and I know other people have been upset about it, you struggle with their dictators and do your best and they find some fault it seems just for the sake of it and I am suspicious that it is due to the rise in the minimum wage and they are trying to fend off people asking for a pay rise on the grounds that work is not perfect. So I have been looking around at other companies such as Dictate it and Accuro. However, I am unsure about the policies of matching you with one person - what if it turns out to be someone you have trouble understanding and also particularly with Accuro the need to give a week in advance your availability for work and having to complete everything you are set (just like being back at school) as this does not take into account illness, accidents and other problems like power cuts or loss of internet connection. I do like the way with Dict8 we can pick and choose what and when we type, as long as the work is there, so I just wondered if you did sign up with anyone else how you have found it? Thanks.

AvonleaServices Sat 14-Jan-17 13:25:03

Avonlea Services Limited urgently require Self Employed Home Based Transcriptionists with experience in the Jefferson Notation style of Conversion Analysis. Please contact us by email in the first instance at Info*@avonlea*

OurBlanche Sat 14-Jan-17 13:28:36

Have you thought about advertising as a Virtual Assistant?

I use one, she types up my inventories, and I have found her to be a godsend. I wouldn't do the job without her, or AN Other should she ever leave me - that sounds odd, as I have never met her smile

In the network meetings I go to there are always a couple of VAs and they are always as busy as they want to be. They have an amazingly wide range of clients and all seem to settle into a specialist area that they enjoy.

skatergirl222 Thu 06-Apr-17 13:57:26

I think their letters pointing out your mistakes a very rude, particularly the part about their high standards. Most of us are grade 4 secretaries and have extremely high standards. However with the quality of dictation, and sometimes poor sound, it is possible to make the odd mistake. I also find putting in the diagnosis without a full stop is a bit strange. It is OK with one or two words, but sometimes there is more than one sentence in the diagnosis which already contains full stops, and then not to put a full stop at the end just looks unprofessional.

AnisQiz Mon 10-Apr-17 14:58:28

Your service would be in demand for podcasters, too. Transcribing podcast interviews which can be used to turn into articles and information. Another application for your skill.

Massicana22 Thu 13-Apr-17 19:36:15

Skatergirl, how I understand and sympathise with you about how Dict8 handles the slightest error or mistake done by a transcriptionist. I find it so unprofessional and very condescending from their part. In most cases its not even an error from the transcriptionist but to the poor dictation and poor sound that comes from the dictator's dictation machine. I am sure that no rules are established on what procedure the dictator should follow so that it reaches the other end in good order to be transcribed. Do these dictator's even know that we have no way of checking an unclear foreign name? If the transcriptionist leaves a blank, she gets told off, if she puts the wrong word she gets told off. Its a "No win" situation here I'm afraid, so just ignore and carry on.

WeTypeUK Tue 25-Apr-17 09:55:00

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wirethorn Wed 26-Apr-17 15:46:34

Re the dreadful DICT8 proofreader(s) - look at comments from around March 2016 at

and there's this thread too

WeType Thu 14-Sep-17 08:24:33

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