Public liability for a trainer: how much?

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JenniMoo Wed 25-Feb-15 14:03:21

I'm about to take on some freelance training work with my local council and so am re-registering as a sole trader. They have said their trainers have £10m worth of public liability insurance, which is more than I had in the past, and a lot more expensive. There don't seem to be that many insurers who offer that in my area, either.
I have asked for clarification if this is essential, but does it seem excessive?

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Hoppinggreen Wed 25-Feb-15 18:48:01

The most I ever had was £2 million, £10m sounds very high

EvaB7 Wed 25-Feb-15 19:14:31

Sounds alot, I get insurance via simplybusiness, you could give them a try. You may have already done it but it may be worth asking them to tell you what they need in writing, so at least you can trust it if it's just what you're being told on the phone.

JenniMoo Thu 26-Feb-15 06:38:20

Thanks for the tip. Simply business came up with a much cheaper quote, although I did click Consultant - training instead of Trainng Consultant, so might have been that...

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