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Woolly Hugs. A Blanket for 84CharingCrossRoad, lovely folk, we need your help.

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KnottyAndPistey Wed 07-Feb-18 15:58:52

Many of you know 84CharingCrossRoad/Lottie and Wilf from across Mumsnet and across the years and we were so very sorry to hear their desperately sad news that her partner Alan had passed away at the end of January, he had cancer. We are so very sorry for their loss and our thoughts are with her, Wilf, his children, their families and friends

We have already sent a cosy blanket to Wilf and were glad to be able to do something very quickly, the news he loves it is wonderful. We were so glad when 84/Lottie accepted our offer of a Woolly Hug for her. We will make something very special.

Her original thread is here… but it is in chat so will disappear after 90 days. We see lots of you lovely folk are supporting her there, bless you.

So we come asking for help again thanks
We would like to make a blanket full of love and comfort, a real tribute to A.

We shall need crocheters, knitters and donors. If you would like to donate wool or funds, we shall need both and we can match you up. If you would like to join in but need donated wool, we can help there too.We have part balls if any hookers need yarn, please say. Please PM us with your offers of help THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Some ideas here...
“A loved fishing and he had a motorbike and a ginger three legged cat.”
We do have initials if anyone would like to have a go.
Also having read Lottie’s thread some pigeons and seagulls might be rather lovely! We have had a request for a Bumbledog too.

The Yarn we are Using….
Artesano Superwash Merino DK
Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
Drops Merino Extra Fine DK
Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK
Katia Merino 100% DK
King Cole Luxury Merino DK
Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK
Patons Merino Extrafine DK

Oranges, one of these please, Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK - Pumpkin (373) orDebbie Bliss Rialto DK - Tangerine (56) or Debbie Bliss Rialto DK - Burnt Orange (43)
with silver for accents and embellishments

Just from the brands listed please because we know they combine for wash and wear. If you still have any of our wools that have been discontinued - Rowan Cashsoft DK, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK or James C. Brett Pure Merino DK in your stash, please do use them. Our listed yarns are all easily available online - Try Wool Warehouse, Wise Badger, Laughing Hens

Simple or complex, made by beginner or expert, we genuinely welcome them all. It really is the love and thought that counts.*

Squares to be six inches, using 4mm needles or hook. Please knot off carefully when finishing or changing colour and sew your ends in, thank you! Previous blankets can be seen on our website

When ready for posting, it will be the Teddington address, if you would like to include a card for L&W, please do, we will pass it on.

Sending so much love thanks

catmadcaz Wed 21-Feb-18 15:18:18

Book love those seagulls they are really effective with the blue background.

KnottyAndPistey Thu 22-Feb-18 09:37:30

Truly, you folk are so clever, we are just in awe

Morning all brew

MrsJonesAndMe Thu 22-Feb-18 20:38:33

Amazing squares. My squares made it in the post today!

KnottyAndPistey Fri 23-Feb-18 15:13:09

Beautiful squares have been arriving, huge love and thanks to the crafters, all just marvellous..

thanks IwantaCampervan Beautiful heart designs, knitted in a cypress green and heathery purple, just gorgeous. star

thanks PiggyPlumPie In a navy blue, a beautiful textured knit, just gorgeous. star

thanks PurpleKittyKnitting Beautiful squares in apple, mulberry and pale blue, beautiful designs, traditional grannies too, gorgeous. star

thanks NotAChristmasCakePop Gorgeous traditional grannies in a dark navy and a royal blue, beautiful. . star

thanks ScienceRocks A beautiful striped knit in apple green and a soft heathery purple, gorgeous. star

thanks SDTG Some of SDTG’s trademark flowers, in a vibrant burnt orange and mulberry, beautiful granny designs too, fantastic. star

thanks BlueEyeshadow Fabulous in blue and purple, three gorgeous crochet designs star

All so wonderful, thank you so much, love to L&W xxxxx

84CharingCrossRoad Fri 23-Feb-18 19:10:54

Everything looks lovely thank you. Looking forward to wrapping my Wooly Hug round me.

MrsJonesAndMe Fri 23-Feb-18 21:10:27

How are you doing Lottie?

84CharingCrossRoad Fri 23-Feb-18 22:10:16

Good days and not so good.....sad

MrsJonesAndMe Sat 24-Feb-18 06:33:00

Sending you a (((hug))) We have a chatty thread in relationships which started after Juan's DH died which you'd be welcome to come find if you needed some distraction.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 28-Feb-18 11:40:15

Huge hugs for you Lottie xxxx

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Wed 28-Feb-18 11:55:35

About to go out to the postbox with mine now. flowers

WitchDancer Sat 03-Mar-18 18:38:03

Finally done mine - thank goodness for snow days!

I'm afraid these are misbehaving slightly but I think they'll behave once they're sewn in. I've also done a couple of plain grannies.

MrsKCastle Sun 11-Mar-18 23:51:03

I have only just seen this. So sorry to hear that another woolly hug is needed. Thoughts with Lottie and Wilf.

I'm pleased to say that I have various purples, greens, blues and oranges in my woolly hug stash, so I will get going and see what I can do for posting next week.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 14-Mar-18 10:47:48

Morning, apologies for being awol, had 10 houseguests for several days!

Lots of beautiful squares are here, just catching up xxx

KnottyAndPistey Wed 14-Mar-18 14:50:34

Beautiful squares have arrived, many thanks to all lovely crafters, you are amazing. The thought, love and care makes them very precious indeed.

thanks Zing Beautiful four patch grannies in red, oranges, greens purples, blues, so cheery, gorgeous. star

thanks Dangermouseisace In lovely apple green a beautifully textured variation of a solid granny. star

thanks WhenDoISleep Beautifully knitted textured mitred corner square and diagonal in tangerine and plum, glorious. star

thanks Sasbel Beautifully crocheted in apple green and mid blue, beautiful squares, gorgeous. star

thanks Apologies have misplaced name On pumpkin and purple, a gorgeous orange cat design, fabulous heart and solid grannies. . star

thanks Raptor Beautiful crochet, a stunning orange flower and crochet design in purples, orange and blue, stunning. star

Thank you so much everyone xxxxxxx

KnottyAndPistey Wed 14-Mar-18 14:54:03

This was Part A!!

Just going to work on the second part, more treasure is here! xxxx


KnottyAndPistey Wed 14-Mar-18 15:25:08

Here we go.........

KnottyAndPistey Wed 14-Mar-18 15:26:44

More beautiful squares have been arriving, treasure for sure. Thank you thanks

thanks Ninja Stunning crochet designs, a wonderful orange heart, paw prints, an adorable orange cat design, a bobble fish and trad grannies, all in apple green, pumpkin and purple. star

thanks WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Beautiful in a cobalt blue, a gorgeous textured square. Lovely. star

thanks Catmadcaz Such clever knits, a wonderful ‘Gone Fishing’ sign, orange cat, seagull and pigeon!! Fabulous. star

thanks Spindelina Beautiful textured knits in red and navy, and two gorgeous crochet squares one a take on a solid granny , the other a flower in orange on greens, amazing. star

thanks bookbook On a soft blue, flying seagulls, a cute dog and a fishing boat, super clever star

thanks WhatsthatBrightLight Beautifully textured knits in mulberry and forest green, super snuggly, gorgeous. star

Thank you so much everyone xxxxx

Spindelina Fri 16-Mar-18 16:01:46

Very glad to hear you found that extra bit of the parcel to open!

Wolfiefan Fri 16-Mar-18 19:13:13

I have some peskies to sew in and then plan to pop my four squares in the post tomorrow. They're nowhere near as stunning as some of the amazing work on here! Teddington address?

BigApple11 Fri 16-Mar-18 19:27:24

Did you get my parcel of squares? I sent them ages ago blush

Wolfiefan Sat 17-Mar-18 14:22:48

Managed to actually read the OP. Sorry. Sent today to the right address.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Sun 18-Mar-18 11:00:15

I've got my late squares posted for the other two Woolly Hugs but still catching up with these ones. I'll try and post later this week and if they're too late they can go to any other project. Sorry blush

WitchDancer Mon 19-Mar-18 21:21:27

Knotty did you get my efforts that was in a parcel with Chernobyl/Snugs? I know it's arrived cos I saw it on Facebook but I've a horrible feeling I didn't label it 😱

KnottyAndPistey Tue 20-Mar-18 16:23:01

Trying to catch up!More squares safely here, yes Big Apple and Witch dancer, sorry been so stuck in the sale things, but they are here!

WitchDancer Tue 20-Mar-18 16:31:35

Phew! Thank you, I know you're busy right now but I thought it best to mention before they got buried under the woolly avalanche!

BigApple11 Tue 20-Mar-18 16:52:50

Double phew!!! ginall round x

TheSquatLobster Tue 20-Mar-18 20:37:30

Just got some peskies to thread in and mine will be in the post asap. Really hope I'm not too late xx

PurpleFrog Tue 20-Mar-18 20:54:38

Mine are also late - I have 3 in varying states of unfinishedness! blush

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Tue 27-Mar-18 08:33:57

Sorry, I finally posted my squares for this yesterday. If they're too late please put them towards ny other ongoing projects.

KnottyAndPistey Tue 27-Mar-18 18:21:23

Beautiful squares have been arriving - so very lovely, huge thanks to all the super crafters, you are an awesome bunch thanks

thanks Redbrook Wonderful knits in green and burnt orange, beautiful patterns and texture, lovely! star

thanks diamantegal In navy and red, bobble fish, beautiful star and diamond design, gorgeous C2C too, lovely. star

thanks SevenTillFour Gorgeous garter knits, and is this Chinese waves? Beautiful stripes and solid colours, purples, orange greens and blue. star

thanks Wolfiefan Super snuggly textured knits in teals and blue, absolutely gorgeous. star

thanks Witchdancer Beautiful in blues, stunning 3D flowers, traditional grannies too, fabulous. star

thanks SB Glorious crochet in jade and navy, wonderful traditional grannies. star

thanks BigApple Stunning crochet, glorious colour mix, big flower designs, solid and traditional grannies too, in greens, blues, oranges, plums, purples, gorgeously rich. star

thanks WhatwouldLeslieKnopeDo Beautiful squares in pale green and lavender, gorgeous crochet. star

thanks SB Super gorgeous crochet in denim and lavender, some flowers, others traditional grannies, all wonderful. star

thanks Yiayoula Some of her gorgeous trademark knitted hearts and stripes too, beautiful, in greens, blues, purple, Wonderful. star

Thank you so much everyone xxxxx

MrsKCastle Wed 28-Mar-18 13:09:25

K&P did you find my squares in a package with Chernobyl squares and refugee scarfs? There was an attempt at a ginger cat silhouette on purple and a granny square in purple and orange.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 04-Apr-18 14:38:52

Yes! So sorry to worry you, back in a bit xxxx

SpiralArchitect Wed 04-Apr-18 15:54:56

K&P - is there a date for posting these yet? I skim-read the thread and can't see one...was planning on posting mine with the Chernobs next week if that's ok?

KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:06:13


KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:06:52


KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:07:02


KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:07:09


KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:07:19


KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:07:45

Up thread we said 19th March which seems a bit short!

KnottyAndPistey Thu 05-Apr-18 10:08:52

If anyone still has squares to send, shall we say April 16th to tie in with Chernobs?!

Passes gin to Spiral

SpiralArchitect Thu 05-Apr-18 10:17:27

hmm No idea how I managed to miss that... blush

And my squares were made by then so no excuses whatsoever - they're just sitting here waiting for me to find time to post them!

gin all round...and the squares WILL be posted with my Chernobs next week, I promise grin

elephantoverthehill Thu 05-Apr-18 10:17:54

Phew, I've got a few to send.

PurpleFrog Thu 05-Apr-18 13:48:56

I still have to finish mine. blush I got sidetracked doing some Chernobyl ones after you requested more. I will send them all together some time next week... hopefully!

SpiralArchitect Tue 10-Apr-18 19:48:11

I have posted my squares!!!!!
(The PO had better not lose them after all this kerfuffle...) grin

Much love to Lottie and Wilf flowers

AmaDablam Wed 11-Apr-18 09:08:10

Phew for extended deadline! Just came on here to remind myself of the colour scheme and hadn't realised how much time had passed! Mine will be with the Chernobyl squares and finished refugee blanket, going out on Monday x

PurpleFrog Fri 20-Apr-18 15:06:16

Mine were posted 1st class this morning... Phew!

KnottyAndPistey Tue 24-Apr-18 09:40:12

On my way!

KnottyAndPistey Tue 24-Apr-18 09:49:20

Apologies for the delay here thanks

More woolly treasure has arrived safely, all absolutely lovely thanks

thanks Spiral Beautiful floral circle to square designs in purples, green and orange accents, just gorgeous. star

thanks MrsKCastle Cute ginger cat silhouette on purple and a granny square in purple and orange. Just lovely star

thanks PurpleFrog Gorgeous squares, a wonderful dolphin on a wavy blue sea, granny in blues and a super circle to square too. Wonderful. star

thanks VittysCardigan Beautiful crochet in denim and apple, and a gorgeous knitted heart design too, just fabulous. star

thanks Jux Gorgeous C2C in purple, red, cream and green, super squares! star

thanks AmaDablam A beautiful silvery star on purple and a wonderful traditional granny in pumpkin orange, really beautiful. star

The most enormous thanks to everyone, sending so much love to L&W xxx


PurpleFrog Tue 24-Apr-18 11:51:00

Pistey - it is a fish this time - not a dolphin! grin

KnottyAndPistey Tue 24-Apr-18 16:25:44

It's a fish!

PurpleFrog Tue 24-Apr-18 17:38:07

grin grin gin

KnottyAndPistey Wed 19-Dec-18 10:01:35

Just to let you all now that this beautiful blanket is finished and is on the way, truly made and sent with love xxxxx

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 19-Dec-18 21:31:23

That'll be a lovely "present" for Lottie

Elderflower14 Thu 20-Dec-18 13:28:54

Thankyou so much lovely Wooly Hug ladies for my blanket which arrived today.
I laid it out to take a picture and Bumble staged an invasion.
I'm now lying underneath it on the sofa. I had a little weep when I unwrapped it. Alan would have loved it too. Thankyou xxxx xxxx

KnottyAndPistey Thu 20-Dec-18 19:36:45

So so pleased it is with you, truly love in every stitch for you both, we are thinking of you xxxxxxx

All photos we took can be found here....

bookbook Thu 20-Dec-18 21:32:03

Elder - much love and hugs

WitchDancer Thu 20-Dec-18 21:55:19

Love in every stitch Elder, May it give you comfort in dark times

Elderflower14 Sun 23-Dec-18 10:01:36

DP's daughters came to see me yesterday with his stepgranddaughter and they loved the blanket. They were thrilled that there were so many links to their Dad in the blanket...

Elderflower14 Tue 19-Feb-19 21:07:54

Much loved and used daily. Bumbledog loves it too..... 💙

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