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Woolly Hugs. Very sadly another blanket is needed, for lighthouse1. Can anyone help us?

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KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 09:35:51

Desperately sad and shocking news we’re afraid. The very lovely lighthouse1's, (previously tobytoes) husband was tragically killed in a car crash at the end of August. He was only 31. They were looking forward to the birth of their third child in a few weeks’ time. Just devastating for her, their daughter, family and friends. So hard to find the words sad Her thread is here, if you would like to add a message.

Sending so much love to lighthouse1, their three year old daughter, and thinking of their son, beautiful baby Toby who was stillborn in 2011. thanks

We are so glad that lighthouse1 has accepted our offer of a Woolly Hug. We will make one full of love and memories of him for the whole family. It will be very precious indeed.

Can you help us in any way?

We shall need crocheters, knitters and donors. If you would like to donate wool or funds, we can match you up. If you would like to join in but need donated wool, we can help there too.
Please PM with your offers of help. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Our Yarns
* Drops Merino Extra Fine DK
* Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK
* Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
* Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK
* Artesano Superwash Merino DK
* Patons Merino Extrafine DK

Just from the brands listed please because we know they combine for wash and wear. If you still have any of our wools that have been discontinued - Rowan Cashsoft DK, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK or James C. Brett Pure Merino DK in your stash, please do use them.

Our listed yarns are all easily available online - Wool Warehouse have a sale on the Drops at the mo, Wise Badger are very good, Laughing Hens stock our brands too.

Colour wise....
Warm purples

Ideas for squares
* My little girl always looked forward to him coming home, they would play Peter Pan, he was Peter Pan and she was Wendy and they would fly around the front room together for ages.
* Her husband absolutely LOVED Formula 1 and he and their DD used to watch it together
* He used to love sharing chocolate, cake, candy floss and ice cream with his DD.
* He loved taking her out in her little red toy car and on her bike.
* As a family their loved the beach and seaside, taking a little boat across the estuary was a very happy thing to do.
* He loved to play squash as well, he loved swimming, boats, fishing, kayaking, cars and motorbikes.

Reading this will give lots of ideas but please don't feel daunted we truly love plain squares and simple textures too. They look as stunning as the more complex squares and play a vital role in the overall effect. Knotty (KnottyLocks ) will help with any crafting queries. Squares to be 6 inches, using 4mm hook or needles. All crafting abilities genuinely welcome, squares made by beginner or expert are equally welcomed. It really is the love and thought that counts. Please do PM if you need help.

Do use the crafting guide on the website to help you with lots of practical info such as help with buying colours, recommended online retailers and if interested there are a lot of linked suggestions for patterns.

Previous blankets can be seen on the Woolly Hugs website and we are on Facebook and Twitter at MNWoollyHugs/@MNWoollyHugs which are both good ways to keep in touch.

When finished please sew in those ends but don’t block your work. Then PM for details for posting.

As always heartfelt thanks for your support

Thinking of lighthouse1 and her daughter, of all who love and miss him.

Pistey and Knotty thanks

fanjodisfunction Tue 29-Sep-15 09:52:49

Such sad news, sending love and light to lighthouse.

I will of course contribute. Think I have some of those colours. Will pm you guys.

MrsHathaway Tue 29-Sep-15 09:58:17

flowers star

KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 10:02:35

Thank you so much thanks

SpiralArchitect Tue 29-Sep-15 10:07:47

Count me in for a few squares - I have suitable colours. Will pm.

So sad - sending much love to lighthouse and her DD flowers

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Tue 29-Sep-15 10:09:43

I'm in too, terribly sad news flowers

MummySparkle Tue 29-Sep-15 10:53:11

I can make a square or two, I dont have any wool though, is there any that can be matched up to me? x

KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 10:59:22

MummySparkle, PM us and we'll sort some out for you.

AsTimeGoesBy Tue 29-Sep-15 11:55:27

I would be glad to donate again if there is anyone in need of wool.

Dingle Tue 29-Sep-15 12:14:44

I have contributed with knitting squares on previous occasions, a while back though. My heart goes out to the family and I would be more than happy to make a few more squares if needed.

If wool could be supplied it would be much appreciated. xxxx

KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 12:41:27

Thank you both and yes please.

Dingle, check your Inbox, my lovely.

SewSlapdash Tue 29-Sep-15 12:48:35

I'm in, what a horrendous story.

such sad news, thoughts are with lighthouse1 and family

just off to pm

PenelopeClearwater Tue 29-Sep-15 13:13:33

I'm in. Lots of love to Lighthouse1 and their families. X

ScienceRocks Tue 29-Sep-15 13:17:22

I'll do a square or two and have yarn in my WH stash.

RNBrie Tue 29-Sep-15 13:20:23

You lovely people made a blanket for a real life friend of mine which means an incredible amount to him. I would like to contribute to this one, happy to donate wool to a knitter, please let me know how.

KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 13:50:24

Thanks, lovelies.

RNbrie, if you PM us we'll guide you through flowers

ChipInTheSugar Tue 29-Sep-15 14:15:37

Ordered some purple - will get squares to you asap x

ChipInTheSugar Tue 29-Sep-15 14:16:32

Can I also just add for others who may be buying from Wool Warehouse - new code for FREE DELIVERY is YD2015

KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 14:28:59

Thank you , Chip flowers

RNBrie Tue 29-Sep-15 15:38:38

Knotty, I pm'd you but it's saying "no sent messages" in my sent folder so I am guessing it didn't go through?

MrsEvadneCake Tue 29-Sep-15 16:04:15

I can help if there is wool to crochet with.

elfycat Tue 29-Sep-15 16:16:29

Did he follow any particular team in F1? I'd be happy to attempt a F1 themed square.

(We share 'racing program' with our DD, so I'd like to help with this bit of remembering)

MrsHathaway Tue 29-Sep-15 16:23:35

Actually that's a good point - we have a friend on one of the teams (technical, engineer) and I wonder if I could tap him up for a cog or something.

KnottyAndPistey Tue 29-Sep-15 17:29:05

Afternoon brew

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