Maria Miller article in the Times - The importance of collecting data

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highame Fri 19-Mar-21 07:27:21 sorry not a share token (doesn't work on my old laptop)

It's amazing how little data has ever been collected about women and girls and what happens in their daily lives. Without good data and a spotlight, women and girls experiences can be ignored

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persistentwoman Fri 19-Mar-21 08:48:39

Unbelievable that a politician who has done so much to blur the keeping of accurate data kept about crimes against and committed by women has the gall to write this. Such a hypocrite. Share token:

MichelleofzeResistance Fri 19-Mar-21 08:54:04

The gall really is gobsmacking shock

Women had to take the government to court to get legal sex recorded on the bloody census ffs, and another judge is currently waiting for the govt to decide how many biologically male humans are placed in female prisons since no one seems to have known or recorded this or thought it mattered!

We need accurate data? Ya think?

Lets start by actually accepting that 99% of the women and girls with the specific sex based issues are female, using those words and agreeing that TW and non binary people have different issues that need to be considered separately. And that these are sex based issues and not gender based issues.

Otherwise this is just a vague virtue signal at a passing public interest, rather like Labour 'we care about some women sometimes, if they're the right kind of women and don't have boundaries or thoughts we don't agree with, and don't want privacy, dignity, bodily autonomy or consent or horrible stuff like that, and want to talk about assaults in mixed sex spaces and don't want to tell us anything that would mess with our pre planned, male focused agenda '

GTF with that.

highame Fri 19-Mar-21 09:02:00

House of lords gets it cause they know the word 'woman' is lawful and they know that majority suffering DV are women and in neither case do they include transwomen (though they acknowledge, like we all do that Transpeople suffer violence) but not at this scale and not for millennia.

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zanahoria Fri 19-Mar-21 09:13:10

Janice's interview with Maria Miller really turned the tide, I think ministers were terrifed after that

PopperUppleton Fri 19-Mar-21 09:33:51

Yet again the passive voice. I get that there needs to be a focus on women and girls, but I think it also needs to be highlighted every that it is men harassing and abusing women, it is men who are making the streets unsafe. As one of the comments says, it's not lack of cctv and street lighting that are abusing women, it's men.

PopperUppleton Fri 19-Mar-21 09:34:56

Aargh crap grammar, sorry. Glad I didn't comment on the errant apostrophe in the article blush


teawamutu Fri 19-Mar-21 12:53:34

Very heartening comments.

CuriousaboutSamphire Fri 19-Mar-21 13:12:23

Well, if you ignore the two patronising male voices. I got a dab on my bingo card 😂

Ereshkigalangcleg Fri 19-Mar-21 13:27:06

Relevant thread. David Lewis was suspended from Basingstoke Labour Party after identifying as a woman on Wednesdays. Here he recounts his meeting with her as a constituent in 2019.

gardenbird48 Fri 19-Mar-21 13:57:13

So back in 2017, talking to Janice Turner, Maria was #nodebate. Turns out Justine Greening and Jeremy Corbyn were in on it too. hmm

Maria Miller gathers up her handbag and makes to leave: “I don’t think I’m happy about this. I think I’ve finished . . . I didn’t realise this was such a stitch-up.” I’ve been questioning Ms Miller about a report on transgender rights she produced last year as chairwoman of the women and equalities committee. The government has just announced that it will go to further consultation this autumn.

Justine Greening, the equalities minister, announced her support this week for changes to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act, echoing calls by Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader. At present a person who wishes to change gender legally must be 18, demonstrate they have lived in their chosen gender for two years, have a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” (a mental disorder whereby a person feels they don’t feel they belong in their biological sex) and be questioned by an expert panel.

The heart of the controversy is the view, espoused by Ms Miller’s report, that switching gender should instead merely be a matter of “self-definition”. A man need only “declare” that he is a woman. Your gender is what you feel it to be: there would be no requirement even to take female hormones or have surgery — about 70 per cent of trans women still have intact male genitals — or even “present” as a woman to be legally female. (Some older trans people are troubled by this, believing that it trivialises and delegitimises their struggles to live in their non-birth gender.)

this is Janice's fantastic article back from 2017 - I'll get a share token if anyone needs.

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