Ralph Fiennes speaks out in support of JKR

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Deadringer Wed 17-Mar-21 23:37:50

Apologies if this was posted already and i missed it, but has anyone seen this? Fair play to him.

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TheRabbitOfCaerbannog Wed 17-Mar-21 23:51:09

Here's the link OP. Good man. Excellent actor. Always liked him:


WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Wed 17-Mar-21 23:52:02

I always knew Voldy wasn't really the bad guy grin

Deadringer Thu 18-Mar-21 00:01:34

Thanks Rabbit i haven't figured out links yet.

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KobaniDaughters Thu 18-Mar-21 00:04:09

Well done him - regardless of where you stand on the trans debate, he’s right that the level of hatred and vitriol towards her is totally out of proportion and awful

NiceGerbil Thu 18-Mar-21 00:13:14

Wonder how many rape and death to threats he'll get...

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 18-Mar-21 00:18:06

Telegraph link, mentioned in the Mail - www.telegraph.co.uk/theatre/what-to-see/ralph-fiennes-back-theatre-will-emotional/


FannyCann Thu 18-Mar-21 00:20:27

I wouldn't describe it as "leaping" to her defence. It's taken him a year.

lucylucky1977 Thu 18-Mar-21 00:45:21

He nose what he’s talking about. Geddit?

CattyCactus Thu 18-Mar-21 00:46:26

Quite @FannyCann.
I’m sure JKR could’ve actually done with his support back last June when the shit was really hitting the fan.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 18-Mar-21 00:55:34


I wouldn't describe it as "leaping" to her defence. It's taken him a year.

Yeah, a bit slow-mo. However, that may mean he's actually thought about it, seen the abuse (so probably understands he may get some too) and said this in a considered way.

TheHeartbeat Thu 18-Mar-21 01:01:32

His acknowledgment of the abuse is great!

Glad he spoke out. flowers

rabbitwoman Thu 18-Mar-21 07:03:05

Hmmmmm..... Don't mean to sound ungrateful but it's a bit luke warm really.

I think anyone who is rational will condemn the awful backlash for Rowling or anyone speaking out. But what about what she actually said, Ralph?

Watson, Radcliff, redmayne et al were very explicit in actually condemning what she said - Watson giving a donation to Mermaids! So thank you Ralph, appreciate you saying hey, don't send her death threats etc.....

But what about what she actually said and how do you feel about it? If you are not going to support her, you may as well have stayed silent.....

Floisme Thu 18-Mar-21 07:12:30

I'm pragmatic. I believe the more new people speak up, the faster this will be exposed. I don't think snarking about why they didn't do it earlier is exactly going to encourage more people to speak, is it? Plus I'm a wuss myself and in no position to criticise. So thanks Ralph.

OverByYer Thu 18-Mar-21 07:14:09

Took him long enough

ArabellaScott Thu 18-Mar-21 07:25:45

It's a start.

There are actually quite a few big names who have spoken up on the matter. Buy nobody goes for them if they're male- not to the degree they do for women - so it doesn't generate as much #gasp #shock #cancelthewitch as it does for women.

One could get a bit pissed off at the difference between, say, JKR's treatment and that of John Cleese. Richard Dawkins, Baddiel, Newman, the Mitchell/Webb bloke forget which one, Gervais, etc have all expressed gc ish views and none of them seem to have screaming cancel mobs after them.

rabbitwoman Thu 18-Mar-21 07:27:54

..... I have been listening to the Glinner/ James dreyfus / triggernometry podcasts and there is a common theme - these people speak out and get a lot of grief but also, a lot of private messages from friends and colleagues saying thank you for speaking up, I agree but can't say so myself for fear of the backlash...

So they allow these very brave people to take all the abuse and backlash for them....

I agree with Glinner, I am starting to be a bit fed up with the people who won't say anything (although I do understand the reasons....)

I myself personally was very publicly unfriended by a pal of mine, someone I had known for over 30 years, calling me a bigot and saying I am hateful then blocking me before I could even respond.... 20 minutes later his OWN WIFE messaged me saying thank you, she completely agreed with me but didn't want to row with her husband....

Why not? Have the bloody row!!

Ralph Fiennes, jkr got abuse because she said the current transgender doctrine was harmful to women and girls..... Where do you stand on that? We all know the abuse she got was wrong.... Do you agree with her? Then grow a pair and be counted amongst her supporters.....

Childrenofthestones Thu 18-Mar-21 07:35:41


Took him long enough

Perhaps, but on the other hand he is more to be admired for saying it now.
In an industry absolutely dominated by people just waiting to cancel anyone not following the dogma it would have been far easier to support her at the start of this shit show, not realising just how mental things were going to turn out.
He has said this now knowing exactly what he is getting himself into.
He's walking towards the fire when the vast majority of people are running away from it.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 18-Mar-21 08:13:52

It’s a step in the right direction. It’s calling out the cancel culture and no debate. I think things like Keira Bell, the MOMA Act not mentioning women and now the Census case are getting people to think. It’s harder to justify no debate when the courts and legislators are publicly disagreeing with you.
The cases and parliamentary debates are showing that there are issues to be discussed.

highame Thu 18-Mar-21 08:23:49

Is Emma Watson still involved with Mermaids?

nauticant Thu 18-Mar-21 09:06:38

I remember JKR being criticised on here for years for not making a public declaration of where she stood on the gender identity ideology.

I think there's a benefit from a later intervention after the insanity of last year had died down. Had Fiennes intervened then I think he would have just been a part of a big punch-up which wouldn't have made that much difference.

TheRabbitOfCaerbannog Thu 18-Mar-21 09:11:46


I'm pragmatic. I believe the more new people speak up, the faster this will be exposed. I don't think snarking about why they didn't do it earlier is exactly going to encourage more people to speak, is it? Plus I'm a wuss myself and in no position to criticise. So thanks Ralph.

Feel the same

JustTurtlesAllTheWayDown Thu 18-Mar-21 09:38:45

Good for him. Really pleased to see it.

rabbitwoman Thu 18-Mar-21 09:39:53

I don't think he has come out in support of her, though. He has just condemned the abuse she has received, not actually said whether he supports her views.

As it stands, if pushed or questioned further, he can still say oh, I don't agree with what she said, just that she shouldn't have been attacked for it.....

It would be very different if he said 'I agree with every word she wrote and I think the current ideology is damaging to women and children too.....'

MarkRuffaloCrumble Thu 18-Mar-21 09:50:43

Totally agree with Rabbitwoman and all PP who said he’s not standing up for her, or with her, simply denouncing online harassment ‘regardless of whether you agree or not’. That in itself is a useful conversation to be having in the world of #nodebate but it doesn’t align him with her or GC views in general. In fact it could be read that he disagrees with her views but defends her right to have them. 6/10 Ralph.

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