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Grauniad article about maternal deaths higher for black mothers

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HidingUnderARock Sat 16-Jan-21 13:27:32

This is a great article bringing light to an important subject. The data is recent but pre-COVID and the article is currently the 2nd most read on the guardian website.

I just can't get over how the words woman, women, mother, maternal are being used approriately without all the usual obscuring trans-alts.
I am also astonished and delighted that this is an article about the UK with UK data instead of USA stuff masquerading as everyone.
Is this a move towards better reporting or an anomaly?

Obviously I am not delighted about the data, but it is great it is being brought to light so eloquently.

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Thelnebriati Sat 16-Jan-21 13:39:40

Personally I think its an anomaly, because they've realised that to erase women from this issue would be racist and dehumanising.

At some point hopefully they'll make the connection and start to care about sexism.

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