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Another young woman from the UK who was fobbed off by police in Cyprus after reporting rape - new campaign

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stumbledin Thu 05-Nov-20 14:56:05

Police in Scotland are now probing the alleged attack in the holiday resort of Famagusta in the north of the island.

Just aged 17, at the time of the attack, she was assaulted by a hotel employee in May last year but police failed to have her examined by a doctor.

The girl, from Midlothian, added the two officers who took her statement could not speak fluent English but she was not offered a translator.

When Cypriot police failed to contact her when she arrived home, she called the British Embassy in Nicosia.

Staff told her they had been informed by officers that she didn’t want to pursue the case.

Under international law, because the girl was under 18, Police Scotland are able to launch an investigation.

I dont know what can be done for her after this lenght of time, but hope she gets some justice.

I saw this on facebook and there was another post with it pointing out that there was a news report to say the police in Cyprus had just complete a course on the handling of rape cases carried out by a member of staff from a rape crisis centre in Scotland. What a horrible irony. Too late for her but hopefull some security for others who may need a police force that believes women. sad

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Aesopfable Thu 05-Nov-20 15:16:39

Cyprus and Northern Cyprus are different countries.

stumbledin Thu 05-Nov-20 16:47:10

I think that Famagusta is divided, and most of the resorts are in the southern Cypriot adminstered part.

But quite honestly not sure that it makes much difference whether the police force is Turkish Cypriot or Greek Cypriot. If police (men) aren't taking the rape of women seriously its a matter of concern.

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nosswith Thu 05-Nov-20 19:19:29

Sadly there is a difference between the Greek part (internationally recognised) and the Turkish part (not). As Famagusta is in the latter, little possibility of extradition of the perpetrator. Even so, I hope there is justice.

stumbledin Thu 05-Nov-20 19:55:29

I am not sure why everyone seems to want to divert this discussion.

Extradition doesn't come into it!

It about ensuring whichever police force it is takes up the case and follows it through.

Why this laissez-faire attitude towards this young woman when everybody was so keen to show their support and concern for another.


So given how unconcerned everyone is no point in mentioning that the article has an interesting link for those interested in digging.

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Imnobody4 Thu 05-Nov-20 20:50:04

Cyprus is a disgrace, hopefully they can learn to change their attitudes. I feel so much respect for the girl she's very brave.

'Polak, who is advising both women, said: “Once again, how Cyprus deals with allegations of sexual abuse has come under the international spotlight and it is found to be coming up short.”'

'Last week, we revealed how Scottish rape counsellor Isabelle Kerr and ex-police officer and sexual violence expert Alison Eaton flew to Cyprus for a UK Government-funded project to help train Cypriot officers on how they handle sex crimes. Polak welcomed the move.'

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