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Sciencemightsaveyoustoriescant Sat 24-Oct-20 09:46:06

Can anyone recommend a bank that is not a Stonewall champion etc please?

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Ameanstreakamilewide Sat 24-Oct-20 15:00:48

Once upon a time, I would have suggested the Co-op, but...well y'know what happened with the advertising in the Spectator debacle??

SmallPug Sat 24-Oct-20 15:03:55

I would like to know this too. I’m With Santander and I think they are. Would like to move.

Sciencemightsaveyoustoriescant Sat 24-Oct-20 16:37:07

I think first direct is a candidate, they’re not on stonewall’s list.

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persistentwoman Sat 24-Oct-20 16:52:07

Isn't it incredible when women first have to check that a company is not linked to Stonewall to be sure that it's an ethical and safe business for women? hmm

thinkingaboutLangCleg Sat 24-Oct-20 19:20:27

But the Co-op backed down, because no one had authorised the tweet sent by some dimwit on work experience. So I think they’re still ok. I hope so anyway!

JesusInACabbageVan Sat 24-Oct-20 19:31:45

Starling Bank is amazing, run by a fab woman, and not on the list I don't think

WarOnWomen Sat 24-Oct-20 19:42:04

First Direct is part of HSBC, which itself is one of Stonewall's top20 organisation.

AskingQuestionsAllTheTime Sat 24-Oct-20 19:50:28

Is the Post Office on Stonewell's list? Starling are partnered with the PO.

Sciencemightsaveyoustoriescant Sun 25-Oct-20 22:03:03

Post Office is a Stonewall champion, Starling use the PO for counter services.

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