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Save Women's Sport video of webinair

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334bu Wed 30-Sep-20 00:15:38

Video of webinair has now been posted on YouTube

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moofolk Wed 30-Sep-20 07:48:31

Thanks for this.

Will try to catch up with it when I have time later. Who's speaking on it / what's the background?

NecessaryScene1 Wed 30-Sep-20 08:50:41

Watched it yesterday - was quite interesting. People deep into the sports topics will have heard much of it, but there were some thing I didn't know, and it would be a good intro to anyone who hasn't yet grasped why males shouldn't be in female sports.

It's hosted by Beth Steltzer and Linda Blade of the US "Save Women's Sport" group.

Speakers are:

Kristopher Hunt of USA Powerlifting, explaining the science behind their transgender policy - they're one of the few US sports orgs that have been firmly protecting the female category. They approached it quite seriously, like World Rugby did later.

Colin Wright, biologist, explaining why sex isn't a spectrum, and picking apart some of the fallacies.

Sharron Davies, UK swimmer, talking about her experiences of unfair women's sport in the past, and how it's all being repeated. She made the purest moral case.

Inga Thompson, US cyclist, joined with Sharron in talking about what sport means to young girls and what it means to see places lost to boys.

Emma Hilton, biologist, (FondOfBeetles on Twitter, promoted from chat to screen) digging deeper into latest research on the minimal effects of testosterone suppressants.

Linda Blade followed up from Emma on the "what if they had puberty blockers" question.

FindTheTruth Wed 30-Sep-20 10:19:09

Medical director for powerlifting at timestamp 05:40 makes point that powerlifting is about pure strength (less skill involved than other sports),

if powerlifting loses this argument or this situation, then everybody loses

FindTheTruth Wed 30-Sep-20 10:37:09

timestamp 51:40

t's become increasingly clear since 2015 that that the strength and muscle mass loss is is really very very, surprisingly, modest ... after 12 months of testosterone suppression
Dr Emma Hilton

FindTheTruth Wed 30-Sep-20 10:42:03

pretty shocking about the IOC The International Olympic Committee ignoring the girls escaping East Germany, telling them about the testosterone they were made to take.

how can The International Olympic Committee be trusted?

FindTheTruth Wed 30-Sep-20 10:44:11

No athletes agree but are frightened by warnings from sporting bodies and sponsors not to say anything

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