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Unison - course on supporting transgender young people.

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Periwinkletoes Tue 15-Sep-20 17:14:59

I have just read in the latest Unison newsletter that there is a webinar course for support staff in education on supporting transgender young people on the 27th of October. It is being run by Mermaids. If you are a Unison member you might want to raise concerns with them.

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Periwinkletoes Tue 15-Sep-20 17:23:54

Outline of the course (including poor grammar!)

'This 2 hour course is ran by Mermaids, the charity that supports children and young people with gender dysphoria.

The training session will:

Understanding gender identity and gender diversity: what it means to be trans or gender non-conformingLGBT+ terminologyChallenges faced by LGBT young people: isolation, bullying and discrimination, family issues, social situations, mental health, transitioning while at school etc.Transition pathways, including healthcareChanging names, systems and formsLegal responsibilities: The Equality Act, hate crime incidents, transphobia, managing single-sex spacesImproving LGBT+ equality and diversity: policies, guidance, recommended resources'

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