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"Shoddy science, dodgy statistics, misrepresentation of the law"

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MrsSnippyPants Tue 21-Apr-20 14:17:32

The government really have to be held to account over this policy capture. Obviously, given the current situation, many of us who have been fighting this have stepped back a little. But we must be ready to push back as soon as we can.

From Caroline ffiske:

"Mostly a concern that our current Conservative government is not properly in control of our civil service and government departments, and that damaging ideologies are being rolled out under their watch."

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Michelleoftheresistance Tue 21-Apr-20 15:12:56

Well said Caroline. Everything is constantly weighted to place utter importance on the choices, feelings and needs of those born male, and as part of this to stuff deep under the carpet any possible equality of need or consideration for those born female, including their safety, where even acknowledging female people in the situation may lead people to look away from the all consuming importance of the males. It's stark.

truthisarevolutionaryact Tue 21-Apr-20 19:28:09

That's another excellent article by Caroline Ffiske.
The MoJ and the CPS need calling to account for their systematic sign up to the Men's Rights movement that is currently removing women's rights and child safeguarding in all areas of society.

SonEtLumiere Tue 21-Apr-20 19:41:40

She is completely right that, the there has been policy capture.

The Secretary/ministers should be ashamed and there should be an inquiry into how exactly that document became “Law”.

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