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New to this can anyone share useful links?

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overweightcat Wed 15-Apr-20 13:53:16

So I always pop over to this section and lurk a bit. I find it all really interesting but I don't feel like I know enough about the subjects discussed and all the abbreviations and so on to contribute to the threads.

Please be gentle.

I also like to enjoy debating the subjects with DP however I'm not the best at getting my point across and explaining things and he often just looks a bit confused or doesn't get it. He usually gets things a lot more if I can link or refer to interesting articles or papers about it which articulate things better than me.
We've been discussing it a bit more recently since we're at home all the time but I'm finding myself still very new to it all but would really like to learn more.

Does anyone have any interesting articles about the #metoo movement, gender inequality subjects and any reliable statistic links?

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R0wantrees Wed 15-Apr-20 14:01:40

many people have found this useful:

MoleSmokes Wed 15-Apr-20 14:05:03

The OP seems interested in more general stuff R0wantrees . . .

"Does anyone have any interesting articles about the #metoo movement, gender inequality subjects and any reliable statistic links?"

R0wantrees Wed 15-Apr-20 14:18:14

Yes Mole apologies.

It felt a bit Groundhog day as there was a very similar phrased request yesterday for stats to help convince a male partner.

OhHolyJesus Wed 15-Apr-20 14:23:54

For gender, or rather sex-based inequality do read Invisible Women or subscribe to the newsletter.

For #metoo you could read about Tarana Burke as it's original purpose has changed over the years (it was originally for women who were victims of sexual assault).

overweightcat Wed 15-Apr-20 15:14:24

Thanks @OhHolyJesus I'll have a look at those.

We enjoy discussing it but he's still very much in the dark with a lot of it. I'm terrible at articulating (not just with him but in general) so it always helps when we can rad something together.

We've also been discussing the whole how a woman dresses/acts and how certain cultures view it. With the U.K. being so multicultural and as much as lots of people from all sorts of places will do their best to ingrate and adjust, how there's people from certain cultures that still carry and stand by the same views as they did in their home country and how they behave as a result of those beliefs.

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OhHolyJesus Wed 15-Apr-20 16:08:17

How about this OP?

Tory MP thinks the sex difference in COVID 19 is unimportant.

Should we record sex or gender/gender identity when someone dies?

Or this - from Caroline Criado Perez's newsletter

the lack of adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for female workers.
This is a huge issue outside of Covid-19, but it is of particular concern right now, as so many of the workers on the frontlines of this pandemic are female. Recent found that 77% of workers who are in the most high-risk jobs in terms of exposure to Covid-19 are female. And of those high risk workers being paid poverty wages, women make up 98%. You want more stats? Try these: 77% of NHS staff are female, 89% of nurses are female, 84% of care workers are female.
And, yes, men do seem to be more likely to die (although we still don’t have good enough data to tell us exactly to what extent it is sex versus gender that is causing this analysisGH*_), but women do still die. And one of the risk factors in this disease, that seems to be driving a fair number of the “surprising” deaths, is the viral load to which the patient has been exposed.
Healthcare workers are the ones most likely to be exposed to a high viral load. Obviously. And so they are most likely to be the ones who, despite not having underlying health conditions, catch a bad case of Covid-19. And so, you would think it would follow, it really matters that these workers have access to good quality PPE.
And yet they don’t. Because like PPE everywhere, much of the PPE that frontline workers have access to has been designed around the “COUGH MATT HANCOCK COUGHy_. Small, as one worker memorably explained, is small for men.
Even where women are being able to get a “good enough” fit on a mask, it has to be pulled so tight that they are developing pressure sores. Obviously #notallwomen and #notallmen, but these are average gendered trends, because bodies are not unisex. On average.

unisex” male body

OhHolyJesus Wed 15-Apr-20 16:20:14

Or this

And watch Stacey Dooley's Spy Can Criminals

And link it to hidden cameras in mixed sex/'gender neutral' toilets and changing rooms.

MoleSmokes Wed 15-Apr-20 18:19:57

There is this online course by Jane Clare Jones that you might be interested in?

There are lots of links in the text below - see this page for the whole thing:

The Institute of Feminist Thought aims to deliver a series of different courses covering historical and contemporary feminist debates. The first phase involves the creation of a ‘Certificate in Feminist Thought’ consisting of two modules – ‘Introduction to Feminism’ and ‘Re-reading the Second Wave.’ We are currently taking registrations for the ‘Introduction’ course which will be running in March, May and October 2020.

The ‘Introduction’ course consists of a series of online seminars with 8 to 9 participants. There is some set reading for each seminar, as well as a selection of other optional readings, and some guided reading/reflection questions. Each participant will also get a 30-minute online introductory and closing session one-on-one with Jane, so we can get to know each other, and reflect on the course at the end. Testimonials from students who have already completed the ‘Introduction’ course are available here.


Week 1: Introduction – History, Rights and Equality

Overview of the ‘waves’ theory of feminism, the historical emergence of the second-wave, the main strands of second-wave thought.
Liberal feminism and feminism as a ‘civil rights’ project. Issues of the tension between ‘equality’ and ‘difference’ in feminism. Feminism as an ‘equality’ project vs. feminism as a ‘liberation’ project. Class and race-based critiques of liberal feminism.

Week 2: Patriarchal Power – Theory and Origins

What is patriarchy?
Radical and socialist feminism on the origins of patriarchy.
Theories of the origins of patriarchy.
Week 3: Patriarchal Power – Gender and Hierarchy

What is gender?

Gender as social hierarchy vs. gender as ‘natural’ sex differences.
Gender as social ‘roles’. The nature and function of patriarchal femininity.
Gender as cultural hierarchies and mechanisms of ‘othering.’
Gender as deep social structure and gender as performance.

Week 4: ‘This Woman’s Work’ – Labour, Class and Care

Women’s representation in the workplace.
‘The problem with no name.’
How women’s work is impacted by class and racial intersections.
Socialist feminism and social reproduction.
The role of women’s reproductive, domestic and emotional labour.
Material appropriation, patriarchal origins, and capitalism.
Maternal feminism and the ethics of care – the social, political and philosophical importance of revaluing care-work.

Week 5: Sex – Power, Pleasure and Danger

‘Sex positivity’ vs. ‘Sex negativity.’ The feminist ‘sex-wars.’ Prostitution and pornography.
Reckoning with sexual harms. Male entitlement, narcissism and rape. Objectification and the male gaze. Sexual trauma and the mechanics of oppression.
The importance of female sexual pleasure. Sex, subjectivity and creativity. French feminism and jouissance.

Week 6: Fourth-Wave Futures

Class round up, including:

Discussion of third-wave, queer and intersectional feminisms. What is valuable in the critique of second-wave feminism? What major aspects of second-wave feminism have been lost, and should be re-centred? How do we weave the waves together into a feminism for the future?

Course fees:

There are two price points for this course: The standard fee is £180. For those on higher incomes who feel they can afford it, the fee is £230 – this will go towards funding concessions spaces and supporting further plans for the institute. If you are on a low-income but would like to participate, please send an email via the registration page as there are concession spaces available.

The fee includes six two-hour online seminars, and one hour one-on-one with Jane. It also includes the six course packs which contain a large amount of reading material for your future reference. There is only one set text to buy for under £10.

The writer and feminist philosopher Jane Clare Jones is the founder of The Institute of Feminist Thought.

Jane studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge before going on to gain an MPhil and PhD in feminist philosophy. Since 2011 she has been involved in feminist activism, while writing about issues at the intersection of feminist thought, politics and culture. Her work can be found here.

Throughout the many years of studying and writing, Jane has worked as an educator – both in universities, and also as a private tutor. She has over 25 years experience teaching, and believes passionately in the value of education as a forum for learning, critical thinking, and developing our individual potential. In addition to her love of ideas and communicating those ideas in writing, Jane’s other great passion is for the energy created when engaged and inquisitive people think together.

Changename5000 Wed 15-Apr-20 20:07:04


Yes Mole apologies.

It felt a bit Groundhog day as there was a very similar phrased request yesterday for stats to help convince a male partner.

That was me and i had lots of helpful pointers

MoleSmokes Thu 16-Apr-20 03:15:41

Hi Changename5000 smile

OhHolyJesus - That link to Caroline Criado Perez's newsletter is brilliant!

"Invisible Women - Great People & "Some" Nurses"

"Matt Hancock - 4 Doctors have died & some nurses

Donna Kinnair(Royal College of Nursing) - They're not even counting the nurses, Matt... "

( "Some" Nurses!! - Matt Hancock!! angry )

I am sure I am going to kick myself when you tell me the answer, but what does "GFP" stand for?? . . . "Gorgeous Female People"? smile

"Well, GFPs, and how are you all feeling?"

PositiveVibez Thu 16-Apr-20 07:53:01

Mole thank you so much for that info. I will certainly be signing up.

HorseRadishFemish Thu 16-Apr-20 08:07:30

...* and he often just looks a bit confused or doesn't get it*...

That is exactly how he should look when he hears that a man can simply declare that he is now a woman.

HorseRadishFemish Thu 16-Apr-20 08:09:07

I mean really, that should be the confusing thing!

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