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Sophie Walker on criminalising the men who buy sex in the Guardian

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QueenOfQuacks Mon 21-May-18 18:53:50

"Let’s criminalise the men buying sex, and spare the women they exploit"


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 21-May-18 18:56:07

I didn't know you could buy sex in the Guardian shock wink

Good article though.

EmpressOfSpartacus Mon 21-May-18 18:59:47

Excellent article.

Now if WEP would just go one step further and put sex before gender....

QueenOfQuacks Mon 21-May-18 19:01:03

Yes apols for poor grammar.

Though I suspect the Guardian is full of men who buy sex tbh.

Baroquehavoc Mon 21-May-18 19:09:15

I agree with the article. Julie Bindel has written well in the subject.

It's amazing how many men in the comments aren't agreeing.

LassWiADelicateAir Mon 21-May-18 19:20:31

Scotland had a private member's bill by Labour MP Rhoda Grant to introduce the Nordic model but it went nowhere.

Jean Urquhart then ran a consultation with a view to full decriminalisation which thankfully seems to have gone nowhere.

Latest was this from last year which seems to have gone no further. I might follow that up although neither my MP or MSP are SNP.

QuentinSummers Mon 21-May-18 19:35:51

Well done Sophie.

PhilODox Mon 21-May-18 19:40:08

You haven't said how you feel about her stance, queenofquacks.

Teateaandmoretea Mon 21-May-18 19:53:34

I agree with her.

All of this 'you'll never do away with it'... the same can be said about lots of heinous crimes but it doesn't mean that modern society should accept them. All the 'what about the poor widower' etc... No one has a right to sex with another person!!!!!

ArcheryAnnie Mon 21-May-18 20:17:56

Good for Sophie on this.

Vicky1990 Mon 21-May-18 20:52:51

What about women who buy sex.

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 21-May-18 20:58:37

Great article, good to see this in the Guardian.

Ereshkigal Mon 21-May-18 20:59:46

Great article. Brava Sophie. I imagine she'll get some shit for it.

AwkwardSquad Mon 21-May-18 21:01:58

The comments are bloody depressing. So many —men— people seem to believe that there is such a thing as a ‘right’ to sex.

AwkwardSquad Mon 21-May-18 21:03:04

Hmmph. First and last attempt at strike through. Serves me right, it’s annoying AF anyway. Bah.

LassWiADelicateAir Mon 21-May-18 21:06:49

What about women who buy sex

I would have just as much contempt for them as I have for male punters. Assuming that other than the older women who apparently go on sex tourism trips to Gambia I'm not sure they exist.

I suspect if women who buy sex exist it is probably in the context of some sort of "sugar mummy" relationship rather than visiting a brothel. Still wrong.

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Mon 21-May-18 21:13:25

Great article. Couldn't agree more.

QuarksandLeptons Mon 21-May-18 21:14:43

Brilliant article from Sophie Walker. Despite some of the failings of the WEP, I think they are doing great work.

Thanks Lass for that information. I must get in touch with my MP.

HerFemaleness Mon 21-May-18 21:16:16

It's amazing how many men in the comments aren't agreeing.

I'm not. I thought right wing sexism was bad but it's nothing compared to the virulent misogyny you get from right on lefty blokes.

Emmags0309 Mon 21-May-18 21:18:04

I was reading the Amnesty International policy on decriminalisation. I can understand the arguments for decriminalising the selling of sex but the arguments for decriminalising the buying of sex seem so pathetically weak. Then I found out from Mumsnet about how AI’s draft policy was proposed by an AI member who runs escort agencies in the north east. That explains a lot.

I can understand many of the points being made by mumsnetters about the transgender debate but legalising the actions of punters and pimps will be much worse for women’s rights. It would be a disaster, but i can imagine it happening. It’s scary.

In my experience, in social situations, it is much more acceptable to talk about this issue than the gender issue. We can make people aware of it without making them angry or dismissive. I’m talking to people now. I don’t want to fall asleep on this issue and wake up in a time when feminists are being abused and deleted for saying that men don’t have the right to abuse women.

QueenOfQuacks Mon 21-May-18 22:15:20

I agree with her completely and am impressed at the leader of any party being willing to take this stance so publically and clearly.

I posted in massive hurry while trying to organise some reluctant children into bed hence poor grammar and lack of detail!

LassWiADelicateAir Mon 21-May-18 22:50:11

Thanks Lass for that information. I must get in touch with my MP

I've emailed the SNP via the general contact address on the party website. I'll let you know what response I get.

2rebecca Mon 21-May-18 23:03:32

I wondered if Soul Mates had introduced a prostitution section when I read it.
I would have zero respect for a man who paid for sex. I don't understand how civilised societies can consider this an OK thing to do. Ok some men can't get partners but there's always masturbation, and it is all about power.
Prostitution is one issue that makes me think gender isn't all socialisation though as very very few women would pay for sex or get turned on by a man they knew was only there because you had paid him to be. Passionless, sex as a shopping item sounds yuk and boring.
I should probably say sex rather than gender though as I suspect transwomen are more in to prostitution than transmen as well and it's more a genetic thing, plus it being more acceptable for men to buy sex and women are more prepared/ desperate to sell themselves and be degraded.

2rebecca Mon 21-May-18 23:13:28

Started reading the comments and got depressed.
You'd think only men had disabilities. Buying a woman for a disabled man as a "treat" like buying a bottle of champagne is so dehumanising and depressing.
It's the "right to have sex" and sex as a bodily function like eating argument. All men should have the right to a woman's body. Makes me hate men, tries to calm down before going to bed with husband who says he's never visited a prostitute.

NotTerfNorCis Mon 21-May-18 23:19:32

Lots of men in the comments arguing that you can't get rid of something by criminalising it, so why bother.

If that's the case, why do we have laws at all?

Not one woman can be free and equal to men so long as any woman is sold by and to them. As long as we normalise the idea that “some” women can be ordered and thrown about like a product from Amazon, then all women live in a world where the threat of violence keeps us in our place.


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