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Buzzfeed intersex article suggest sex is a social construct

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Albadross Sat 02-Dec-17 20:36:25


CertainHalfDesertedStreets Sat 02-Dec-17 20:42:36

I used to work with Patrick. None too bright IIRC...

Albadross Sun 03-Dec-17 14:17:30

I don't see where he can justify adding in the 'sex is a social construct' part just because some people have disorders. As someone with autism I get that it's not nice to think of yourself as disordered, but it is a reality - disorder isn't bad per se, just different but it doesn't mean that I would try and say that autism is a social construct

pisacake Sun 03-Dec-17 15:16:47

What a lot of nonsense:

"In other words, a person’s body, either internally or externally, can be completely at odds with their chromosomes, with, for example, ovaries within otherwise male bodies, or internal testes in otherwise female bodies. "
" Yes, this is a boy, we were told it is, and the genetic test proves that.”"

This is misleading. In fact, while a person's body may be at odds with their chromosomes, that will only occur as a result of genes. It's a gene mutation.

It surely wouldn't be too hard to explain how intersex is a matter of biology, L, G & B a matter of sexual preference and T a matter of denying biology.

Albadross Sun 03-Dec-17 19:44:19

It seemed like they were trying to get Anick to align with the trans ideology and he's clearly traumatised by his experience (very understandably) so it's no wonder he doesn't want other intersex kids going through the same thing he did - that shouldn't have been twisted to support trans people who do not have dysphoria or mutated genes.

pisacake Sun 03-Dec-17 19:48:34

Yes, if they asked an experienced intersex campaigner to review their article, I very much doubt they'd approve. Intersex groups consistently repudiate any links with transgender.

PencilsInSpace Sun 03-Dec-17 20:26:52

Well that's one of the worst pieces of writing I've read for a while!

It's awful how intersex people's issues are co-opted like this. I came across this account the other day, by Kiira Triea who is intersex and has had a lot of dealings with the trans community. It's quite hair-raising - not only are intersex people used to lend legitimacy to the trans agenda, they are fetishised angry Kiira was in no doubt that AGPs were hijacking the whole rights agenda for both intersex people and homosexual transexuals.

I googled Kiira after finding that article and discovered she died in 2012. RIP Kiira and thank you flowers

IchBinEinBerliner1963 Sun 03-Dec-17 20:29:11

T a matter of denying biology
The T stands for transgender, not transsexual.

PencilsInSpace Sun 03-Dec-17 20:47:43

The T stands for transgender, not transsexual

I'm not clear what point you are trying to make here but transgender activists frequently deny biology, for example in the insistence that 'trans women are women' #nodebate, the frequent assertion that penises can be female, that sex is a social construct, that none of us can be sure of our sex unless we have had genetic testing, and even then something about mosaicism and fucking clownfish, not to mention the grotesque appropriation of intersex to imply that sex is a spectrum and middle aged men who have successfully fathered several children are somehow not male because the feeling in their heads is more real than the cock and balls in their pants.

OTOH those who call themselves 'transexual' seem to have a reasonable grasp of basic biology IME.

pisacake Sun 03-Dec-17 21:35:21

"The T stands for transgender, not transsexual."

Yes exactly.

The ideology under which your "true gender" has no basis in biology, and is just whatever you say it is.

'Transsexual' is about trying to alter biology, transgender simply disregards it.

terfing Sun 03-Dec-17 21:37:35

A very insulting, poorly-written, article. Standard BuzzFeed.

Sentimentallentil Sun 03-Dec-17 21:45:30

I just googled Kiira Triea too and now I’m so confused!

Does anyone know anymore about it?

PencilsInSpace Sun 03-Dec-17 21:52:08

Do you mean all the TAs saying she started a hoax site, lentil?

From what I can gather, she started a site for young homosexual transexuals and made a commitment to protect their identities. Because of this, and because she wrote about the clear difference between these young people and AGP trans, transactivists didn't like it and basically smeared her as a hoaxer and said none of the accounts on her website were real.

Alice Dreger vouches for her and that's a good enough recommendation for me.

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