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Did anyone hear Bob Stewart MP on The Week in Westminster yesterday?

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RidiculousDiversion Sun 12-Nov-17 09:54:33

He was talking about the allegations of sexual offences, about 11 minutes in. I can't put my finger on what annoyed me so much - he was very dismissive of all the allegations, felt he was the victim, saw no reason why 'totty' was offensive (and had apologised, so surely that was now OK) - but that's a load of small things.

He was followed by Caroline Lucas, who put the case for any flirting (or more) being unprofessional and inappropriate. So it did balance up. But it felt as though the interviewer just let Bob Stewart have a free ride on things that to me are no-brainers - in a work context any woman would feel put down (in a very specifically gendered way) but being referred to as totty. Worse, you'd potentially feel threatened by someone who used language like that, as it's evidence of less respect for you than for a man doing the same job - I'd see it as a flag for potential groping, myself. Though it might just (just!) mean that he always expected you to do the photocopying and serve the coffee.

nauticant Sun 12-Nov-17 11:28:56

Since the suicide of Carl Sargeant everyone is backing off and I feel that some of the more dinosaur-like MPs see this as a chance to reclaim "lost ground".

I find myself in two minds about the suicide. If the allegations are all fictional, then it's a terrible thing to have happened. But if there is validity in at least some of the allegations, what has happened will serve as a very strong silencing measure.

QuentinSummers Sun 12-Nov-17 20:59:54

I heard it, had to turn it off, total idiot talking utter bollocks as usual. Going on about how men had to be allowed to flirt at work cos workplace relationships. hmm knob

RidiculousDiversion Mon 13-Nov-17 09:48:57

It does feel as though Carl Sargeant's suicide (which is tragic for his friends and family) is being used by people who didn't know him as a way to shut down debate on this issue. And it does then centre the debate around men (again), rather than women. I think that may be what made me uncomfortable.

Especially on The Week in Westminster, which is usually fair and balanced in its approach - at least as compared to the more shouty, political programmes.

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