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Really starting to notice casual misogyny on LinkedIn

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Movingonmymind Tue 29-Mar-16 10:35:17

Just in last week-

1) post on encouraging leadership in women by not calling girls bossy from an early age )with photo link to FB exec Sandra Sandberg ) descends into a row about how she's no model of a leader, "bossy" girls don't make good leaders etc

Even worse was a comment on a great post by (male) inventors of anti -date drug nail varnish detector with a v senior male colleague of one of my colleagues saying "yeah, right, will it be a pretty colour though?" I have disconnected from him on point of principle shame as highly useful job contact Patriarchy, hey?

I find such comments are rarely challenged in the way they would be on FB as users feel anything controversial would be viewed dimly. Yet these men feel no such compunction. Thoughts please?

Not to derail, but the nail polish thing was debunked by snopes. I can't believe LinkedIn are still taking it seriously!

Movingonmymind Tue 29-Mar-16 13:05:20

Oh really? Had no idea so glad you said! Seemed an odd- if useful - invention.

I think do, too, but of course, it still puts the onus on women to detect, rather than the men to - errrm - not rape.

But, as you say, loads more examples. I don't do LinkedIn myself, but don't disbelieve you for a second! >cynical-icon<

Movingonmymind Tue 29-Mar-16 18:37:04

Yes, it does. But sadly, like avoiding pregnancy, the burden often tends to fall on us more.

I am also hating the whitewashing of many women's lives on the site. Few serious posts by working mothers upfront about it, not necessarily talking about it, just open. Many, many about portfolio careers -male model. Reminds me of many a cv -women who post openly about their duties on the pta and running a home seem laughable in a corporate environment yet most organisations ask you to account for career breaks. What to do?

I have an MBA and tons of experience ffs, but can I get a decent part-time role??! Like many a women around me am a completely underused resource, surrounded by often mediocre child-free women and men (mostly working fathers) clambering over me to promotion. Very bitter emoticon.

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