Endometrial resection - period pain months afterwards

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HoxtonBonnet Fri 29-Jan-21 17:18:33

I had an endometrial resection at the end of July due to painful, heavy periods.

I am still experiencing period pain - not every month but on several months since then. It goes on for around 10 days intermittently, which is what I was getting before pre-op.

I have had a slight show of blood today (pain since last week) for the first time since the op.

I am wondering if this is normal and if I should get it checked out? I have had a look online and it seems to be saying that a resection should get rid of period pain?

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 30-Jan-21 08:58:49

I would get this checked out further and by the surgeon who carried out this procedure.

Was the cause of your heavy and painful periods ever properly determined?. I ask only as endometriosis is a common cause of severe period pain and it can also cause heavy bleeding to arise.

HoxtonBonnet Sat 30-Jan-21 10:09:05

Thanks @AttilaTheMeerkat - I had a scan and a hysteroscopy with biopsy - I have fibroids.

I will get in touch with the gynaecologist - not really looking forward to that as he was not a very easy person to deal with.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 30-Jan-21 20:52:59

I would consider getting a further opinion from another gynae within the hospital. It is no point in trying to communicate with someone who is not very easy to talk to, open communication is vitally important.

Has a myomectomy op been suggested re the fibroids?.

HoxtonBonnet Sat 30-Jan-21 23:02:55

Thanks @AttilaTheMeerkat - you are right about the importance of being able to communicate properly. I do feel like I should probably start with the person who performed the op, but I'm not sure I want to deal with him.

When I had the resection done there was an issue with the saline solution used to flush me out internally - it did not all drain away properly. When I came round my abdomen had swelled painfully, my blood pressure had dropped and I was struggling to breathe. I stayed in hospital overnight and was in discomfort for several days after. I was so out of it in the hospital that I did not really take in the explanation of what had happened. When I was discharged none of this was put in my notes. I had to really chase to find out and understand what had happened. In my follow up appointment with the gynae he made me feel silly and like I had made a fuss about nothing.

No one has mentioned a myomectomy - to be honest the thought of any more procedures makes me very anxious. confused

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Milomonster Sun 31-Jan-21 22:24:05

@HoxtonBonnet Sorry you are doing through this. I have a myomectomy scheduled with a gynae in London who isn’t very communicative, dismissive and patronising. He is highly experienced though. I’m wondering if it’s the same guy... are you in London?

HoxtonBonnet Mon 01-Feb-21 14:19:39

Hi @Milomonster - I am in Hertfordshire - I would assume it's probably not the same gynae. I hope your op goes well - I think it is only a small percentage of people who have any issues.

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