Does anyone who has or has had a cystocele mind answering a couple of questions?

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Namechangedashamed Wed 13-Jan-21 19:51:54

So I have been to the GP today to check on a few post baby bulges (now over a year post birth). She has said I have a mild bladder prolapse and called it a cystocele. She didn't seem to think it was too bad. I was suprised as this is my third baby, and I had symptomatic issues after my first for which I saw a women's physio for a while, but back then there was nothing that I could see that looked this dramatic. This lump/bulge was definately not there before the birth of dc3.

The thing is, everything I have seen online around cystoceles is a bulge actually within the vaginal entrance and states that the bulge pushes into the vagina. But this bulge isn't in that area. I do have two bulges at both the front and back of the vaginal entrance when looking (sorry if tmi) which she says is just loose vaginal wall. But this bulge that she has termed a cystocele is definately seperate/away from the vaginal entrance. It is actually just below the urethra and infact it sort of pushes my urethra up so that it obscures it from sight when looking.

My question is, for those who had a cystocele, where exactly was it located? And if you were to look with a mirror, where exactly could you see a bulge? Thanks in advance for anyone willing to answer!

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Namechangedashamed Sun 17-Jan-21 18:44:34


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