Is a hysteroscopy very painful.

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bigmistake1 Sat 26-Dec-20 22:51:59

I'm having one next Tuesday and am dreading it. I've been referred following post menopausal bleeding and a thick endometrium was discovered after an ultrasound last week. So they'll also need to take a biopsy at the same time.

No sedation / anaesthesia apparently.

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Serenschintte Sat 26-Dec-20 22:59:51

Didn’t want to read and run. This my be helpful and mentions pain relief possibilities

quickkimchi Sat 26-Dec-20 23:00:36

When I asked about sedation I was told the only choices were 1) nothing at all or 2) general anasthetic. I opted for the ga and it was fine. I just didn't feel like I could tough it out on my own.

Ashemark Sat 26-Dec-20 23:03:26

I had this procedure 18 months ago (because of thickened endometrium found on ultrasound). No anaesthetic or sedation offered, although they did say I could take paracetamol.

The hysteroscopy was mildly uncomfortable, but not as bad as I was expecting.
The biopsies were painful but the pain only lasted for a couple of seconds each time.
I then had a Mirena inserted (to manage adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis).
After the procedure I felt a bit lightheaded for about 30 minutes and had mild uterine cramps for 24 hours, but that was probably due to the Mirena.

My results came back within two weeks and there was nothing worrying - I hope the same is true for you.

SylviasMotherSaid Sat 26-Dec-20 23:03:56

I got one under GA and other than some bleeding for a few days after it I was fine .

quickkimchi Sat 26-Dec-20 23:05:56

Sorry OP, when I said 'nothing at all' I meant that they suggested I take some paracetamol beforehand.

Ashemark Sat 26-Dec-20 23:12:32

To give you an idea of post-procedure recovery: I would not have wanted to go straight back to work that day, but I was fine to go to work the following day.

Airplanes Sat 26-Dec-20 23:15:35

I had a hysteroscopy last year which I didn't find particularly painful. I was told to take paracetamol 30 minutes before. A friend recently had a biopsy and said it hurt but was not agonising. She had no pain relief

bigmistake1 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:16:47

Thanks all. I def would prefer a GA but don't think that's being offered, but I will ask.

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Holothane Sat 26-Dec-20 23:16:52

Ga for mine only option, I’m appalled they’ve offered no pain relief.

AKissAndASmile Sat 26-Dec-20 23:18:19

I had one recently with no anaesthesia or pain relief. It was quite really bad period cramps. I had one in the past and I don't remember it hurting. Maybe it's the technique of the doctor?

backinthebox Sat 26-Dec-20 23:18:19

I had one 2 weeks ago plus a biopsy, with a local anaesthetic, no sedation. I chatted to the consultant throughout. Was in and out in under 20 minutes. No discomfort, no problems afterwards. Would normally have been out riding my horse for 5 hours the following day of the week. As it was I couldn’t go because it was cancelled due to Covid, but I would have felt fine to go riding, and went out for a little ride with the kids anyway. Used a pad for 2 all back to normal. I was amazed people have a GA to have this done, but the theatre staff told me given an option most women opt for a GA and they were delighted to have an ‘awake one’ with me. Much of it is state of mind, I think.

allhappeningatonce Sat 26-Dec-20 23:18:31

I had one under a general but that might have been cos it was private. Or cos I had no children at the time? Literally no recovery or anything, was the easiest operation ever. Very quick, I'll say you'll be 100%.

bigmistake1 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:22:11

You see, I'm particularly worried as the GP couldn't manage to take a smear the other day for some reason, said she couldn't get a clear view of my cervix. She was rummaging around up there for ages, I found it quite traumatic.

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icelollies Sat 26-Dec-20 23:30:36

I have had one with biopsy, and had a local anaesthetic but didn’t find it painful at all (although they couldn’t see anything wrong, so perhaps if you do have swelling or something it might be more uncomfortable?). I was allowed to watch the screen as the camera was being poked around me so that was quite interesting!

However, i did faint! I think its related to having something pushed through my cervix, so didn’t hurt but was overall a bit worse than a smear.

quickkimchi Sun 27-Dec-20 00:10:39

I always thought this sort of thing would get easier as I got older but the opposite is true, like you OP I feel traumatised by some of the procedures that used to give me no problem like smears.
I wasn't offered GA, I had to ask (and the person I spoke to didn't know, she had to find someone to ask), it might be an idea to ring and say you'd like to know more about all available options.
My recovery was brilliant, no pain or sickness.
Good luck OP.

Anothertiredmother Sun 27-Dec-20 00:44:30

I have had this procedure done twice. Once under GA and once without. When I had it done awake I had an injection into my cervix to numb it. This was very painful and despite this initial pain relief I found the procedure agonising to be honest. I went through a lot of gynae procedures including ivf before I had my dc and this is the most painful thing I had done. Sorry I’m not trying to worry you OP I just want you to be informed. If I ever gave to have this done again I would only do it under a GA.

dane8 Sun 27-Dec-20 00:45:48

I had one few year back at the hospital

The lady tried but said she couldn’t see properly and she didn’t want to hurt me
The initial procedure was ok not too uncomfortable
So I get dressed and put a pad on, but of bleeding.
They asked did I want a coffee sat outside, I said no. I wanted about 5 mins, partner was on his way to dept.
I decided to walk to meet him as I was getting like period pain.
By the time I saw him and walking back to the car I was in excruciating pain, I was nearly passing out. I couldn’t bend to get into car honestly horrendous. BUT when younger I used to faint with period pains. So my pain threshold must be very low

I then had it done under GA, totally 💯% better. They found polyps and fibroids and took them out. No pain after

If your just having it done, I’d definitely take 2 paracetamol 20 mins before, which they should of told me!!

Covidasaurus Sun 27-Dec-20 00:49:18

I had to demand a GA, it was upsetting how much they tried to avoid this option. It’s expensive for the NHS. But I don’t think any other country does it without!!

Murinae Sun 27-Dec-20 00:51:18

I had exactly the same as you. Post menopausal bleeding and thickened lining on scan. They offered me local or a GA. Since I find any procedures around my cervix painful I opted for the GA. In the end due to Covid I ended up with a spinal anaesthetic and so was awake for the procedure but couldn’t feel anything. My results were all clear too.

Evequestion Sun 27-Dec-20 07:59:00

I had one with two biopsies a few days ago with no anaesthetic or painkillers as I forgot to take the recommended paracetamol an hour in advance. GA is not offered where I had mine, unless you also need laparoscopy at the same time.

I would say the whole thing was mildly uncomfortable, more in a weird feeling way than any pain. It was really interesting to watch on the screens. It did take a while as it went transvaginal ultrasound> hysteroscopy> more ultrasound > more rummaging for the biopsy.

The biopsy was a bit painful, especially when they had to go back for a second. This only took a few minutes though. Following that I had a bit of bleeding for two days and some light, occasional discomfort.

The people doing it and assisting were so nice and friendly and put me totally at ease.

Holothane Mon 28-Dec-20 15:34:56

My womb is inverted they can’t even do a smear now that is why my stuff is done under ga.

singsingbluesilver Mon 28-Dec-20 15:45:47

I had it after some post meno bleeding and ultrascan showed some thickening in the wall of my uterus.

I was not offered any pain relief or GA - just told to take some paracetemol about 30 mins earlier. At the time I was on beta blockers for panic attacks but was told not to take them in case they needed to give me some other drugs at the time. The staff are so used to doing these it' s routine for them and I felt they did their best to minimise my embarasment. However, the dr who did the actual procedure - she was nice enough and quite chatty, but I'm not going to lie it did hurt, especially when she pushed through the cervix - but she was not at all sympathetic. The biopsy was fine - nothing compared to the earlier part. It was very interesting to see it all on the screen I have to say.

It was all over in about 15 - 20 mins, then sent of on my own with a cup of tea and biscuit. It felt really quite rushed, and as I say all very routine for the staff. I would have one again if I had to - it was not so painful I would say never again. Compared to childbirth very quick and not as painful! If I was offered ga I would probably take it. It did leave me feeling a bit teary and wobbly on my legs. I would not have wanted to go into work afterwards but I did mange to drive myself home.

emmathedilemma Mon 28-Dec-20 20:14:43

I had it done privately and the only option offered was general anaesthetic. It was really quick though, I was back in my room within an hour. Felt fine afterwards, only mild period like pain and some slight bleeding (I was on the end of my period anyway). I walked to the bus stop to go home after they kept me under observation for a few hours afterwards. I think I only felt groggy because I’d had a terrible nights sleep the night before and an early start with no breakfast!

bigmistake1 Tue 29-Dec-20 13:03:26

Thanks all. I've just phoned and they made me feel ridiculous about requesting a GA and I won't be getting one.

It's tomorrow, I'm getting myself really worked up about it. I e had 3 rounds of IVF and 2 vaginal births which were all fine, but for some reason this is really freaking me out. I'm sat here in tears. Don't know why, I just find the thought of it so invasive and traumatic.

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