Scared about my smear

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WhiteChocTwix Wed 28-Oct-20 21:14:46

Need a hand hold. Got the dreaded appointment on Friday. Can't have kids, test always hurts. Had a bad experience previously. DM and BF are like "doesn't bother me what so ever". I feel rather ashamed that the doc has prescribed me diazapan plus pain killers to take beforehand. DH is driving me. I told the doc I need the virginal speculum and they freaked me out by saying it would be a metal one. hmm been in a bad mood about this allll week. DM now wants to come over Friday AM before I go! Then asked me if I was pregnant when I mentioned our surgery now want a wee sample with the test..... Gahhh. Thanks for listening to my rant. confused

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Crushrush82 Thu 29-Oct-20 07:52:30

I had my first one last week. They used plastic and it didn't hurt.

But have you considered doing a HPV test at home. They are available on superdrug website. You just swab inside your own vagina and you don't need to touch the cervix. It is painless.

Apparently most cc are caused by certain strains of HPV. Even the drs check that first now and don't apparently bother with the smear if that is clear.

Good luck x

user1274157963247 Thu 29-Oct-20 07:57:37

Are you in an area that tests for the high risk HPV strains first and then bins the cell sample if you're HPV negative?

If so I'd just do the HPV test on its own first before putting yourself through an unnecessary procedure. (Because it is unnecessary if they're not going to even look at the cells because you don't have HPV).

There's nothing shameful about finding it difficult. Would you judge other women for needing diazepam and paracetamol? The lack of empathy from your loved ones is a bit shameful though.

WhiteChocTwix Thu 29-Oct-20 13:59:05

Thank you ladies. I didn't know you could do a home HPV test! That's really useful to know. I was disappointed in the lack of sympathy, I'm always sympathetic when friends or family confide in me. I certainly would never judge anything another woman has to do to get through a medical appointment or ask insensitive questions. Roll on this time tomorrow, will be all done.

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WhiteChocTwix Fri 30-Oct-20 15:27:09

Hello ladies, just popped in quickly to say thank you again for your support the other day. Smear all done and was probably the best one I've ever had! 4mg of diazepam worked wonders. Nurse was a legend, really gentle and it was over really quickly, such a relief!

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Crushrush82 Fri 30-Oct-20 20:32:14

That's great. Well done you. I understand how hard it can be and personal too. Women are told to quickly to just get on with it.

How long for results? I've been told 8 weeks

WhiteChocTwix Fri 30-Oct-20 20:51:32

@Crushrush82 thank you again for your support the other day hon xx letter the nurse gave me said 2-6 weeks until results. Could be a bit long because of Covid. I hope you get a good result and soon. I'm going to put it out of my head now it's done. The diazepam made a big difference, feel so relieved to know what works for the future. Feel a bit jet lagged after the pills, will sleep well tonight x

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Crushrush82 Fri 30-Oct-20 20:54:32

Thank you. Same to you. I hope you feel better in the morning. Anxiety is the worst.

Good luck with your results. I'm sure you will be ok x

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