Lump under my armpit

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Zenab12 Mon 05-Oct-20 12:39:28

Hi so I'm looking for some advice really if anyone has experienced something like this, I do have an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday so I was just looking for some reassurance until then as I've googled this ( bad idea) and didn't really see people with something similar.
So about a year ago ( yes that long and still haven't had it checked) I found a lymph node in my neck which I suffer with very often, I went on a massive kind of mental breakdown and was having panic attacks thinking I was dying, I had it checked and she said it was a reactive lymph node, it's actually still there but shrinks and goes up a bit when I'm ill, anyway when I was going through that I started with really bad health aniexty and started checking my entire body for lumps as I was sure I had something seriously wrong with me, that's when I found this under my arm.
Its in my under arm but at the sort of crease bit which folds when you bend your arm down if that makes sense, i wouldn't really describe it as a lump as such, as when I put my arm down it goes down like a lump of fat and I have checked so many times I when my arm is down or I am lying down there is no lump at all, it's literally just when I am standing up it looks like a soft lump of fat or a soft bulge if that makes sense, it is different than my other armpit. I originally just disregarded it as a fatty lump or something as I couldn't feel a definite lump when lying down or putting my arm down and I could pinch it with my fingers, it's about the size of a 50 p I would say, it could have been there a lot longer but I noticed it a year ago and it hasn't grown since then at all and I have often noticed when I wake up in the morning after rest it's slightly smaller and as the day goes on it goes back up to the usual size.
I feel so stupid looking back and not having it checked, if only for peace of mind as it has completely distroyed my life, I have a mental breakdown every day thinking I'm dying and that something is seriously wrong, I have panic attacks every morning when I wake up and I constantly check it, every time I've tried to pick up the phone to get it checked I would start getting heart palpations and chest pain and I wpild start shaking, but today I finally had enough and rang them, when the phone was ringing I was literally shaking and my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest, the doctor called me back and asked me questions, I don't have any weight loss or night sweats etc, she asked me what it was that was concerning me about the lump as I'm only checking now and I told her that it's more for peace of mind to know what it is, she told me to come in Wednesday and I just don't know what they are going to do, I am only 22 and I have 2 small kids and I cry all the time thinking I'm going to leave them, does anyone have any positive stories, I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure it's not a lymph node as I have suffered with lymph node swelling since I was really young and I get it all the time and know what lymph nodes feel like, this is like a soft fatty bulge is the only way I can describe it as x

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Greymouse20 Tue 06-Oct-20 09:54:59

Hi op, I had a pretty much identical issue, I had it scanned a few years ago and it turned out to be a harmless lipoma (literally a fatty lump). I have struggled with anxiety too so I know how you feel! Mine was checked via ultrasound. It is still there now 7 years on, it actually seems a little larger recently so I might go back to the gp just to be on the safe side and see if they can advise anything.

I hope everything turns out well for you, I’m sure it will flowers

Zenab12 Tue 06-Oct-20 10:21:52

Thank you for replying grey mouse, honestly it makes me feel so much better hearing that, thst was my first thought was a lipoma just because how soft it is and because it seems to he just under neath the skin rather than an actual lump if that makes sense, my heart is telling me everything will be fine because its Been there for so long without growing but my head just keeps thinking the worst and I end up crying, atleast I will know where I stand tomorrow though. As I said I'm only 22 so I've never been about anything like this before and unsure what they are going to do, my husband has a lipoma 1 on his arm and 1 on his thigh, which has been slowly growing but the gp didn't even sgan it they just did a blood test and said lipoma because of his mums history with multiple lipomas aswell, I keep telling him though he should keep pushing for them to scan it because I feel just doing a blood test and saying it was a lipoma isn't enough expecially as his is growing. I'm hoping for the same outcome as you, and glad yours was nothing to worry about, atleast if they tell me its nothing to worry about I'll be able to leave it alone then xxxx

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Inthesameboatatmo Tue 06-Oct-20 10:44:54

Hi op .
I've had the same things on and off for years . Lymph nodes up in neck that get worse when ill, lumps in breasts and arm pit area ,checked multiple times at hospital breast clinic.
Then a breast consultation said to me it could be the regular deodorant I was using and to switch to a more natural one as the regular ones can cause blockages and lumps and I haven't had lumps in arm pit or breasts since

doctorhamster Tue 06-Oct-20 10:47:32

Please talk to the GP about your anxiety during your appointment op flowers

Zenab12 Tue 06-Oct-20 11:09:54

Thank you for your reply, yes I've also had problems with lymph nodes since a young age, I get them in my neck all the time and I have 2 which are constantly up which I've had checked, yeah I have heard about deodrant causing it and causing cysts even as well, I did try even stopping shaving at one point x

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Zenab12 Tue 06-Oct-20 11:11:13

Yes I definitely will, I did go back in February before corona I saw a male doctor who literally spoke to me for 2 minutes and tried just prescribing me anti depressants and he said It was post natal depression even though my son is 3,i didn't stand up for myself and just walked out as he didn't even ask me anything or listen to what was wrong, I am definitely going to get it sorted though as I have realised now that it is very out of hand x

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Zenab12 Wed 07-Oct-20 14:20:16

Just wanted to update everyone about what happened at my appointment and for other people who might come across this post who is going through something similar.

So she had a good check and feel of the lump and both my under arms and armpits.
She said she is very sure it is a lipoma and that it is nothing to worry about and thst I only need to come back if it starts growing etc or that it might go down by itself She is the best doctor I've ever seen and she even had a good long chat after wards with me about my aniexty and we have decided that I will go onto anti depressants to help with my mood but also help with my aniexty aswell.
She just kept reassuring me that my lump is nothing to worry about and to relax.
Honestly can't tell you how good I feel and how light I feel now and how happy am I, I can't believe I've lived like this for over a year worrying about something which has turned out to be harmless, I honestly wish I would have got it checked when I first found it because I wouldn't have got into the state I am in now aniexty wise.
Just so happy and feel so much better!

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