Such thing as a mirena coil ‘running out’

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MrsGxx Sun 27-Sep-20 11:46:30

Hi ladies. I would love some advice.
Basically my mirena is past due out by nearly a whole year. Insertion was Oct 1st 2014.
Should have come out last October but was on a waiting list and my appointment was in March which was cancelled due to COVID.
I am now booked in for removal on the 29th (this coming Tuesday) 😬
I’m pretty sure my symptoms are related to it but I’m really not sure and is worrying there’s something more sinister.

Lower back ache, pelvic pain, side pain, and the strangest feeling in my vagina. Like the feeling you get when pregnant (pulsating) if I can call it that.
(Not pregnant)
Any advice would be great x

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LittleRen Sun 27-Sep-20 11:47:41

Yes they run out - they stop working after five years I believe.

TheoriginalLEM Sun 27-Sep-20 11:49:48

Sounds like me. Although mine had moved so wasnt in optimal position. I believe they can stay in 7 years and still provide effective contraception. Have your period come back?

ShalomToYouJackie Sun 27-Sep-20 12:02:24

Mine carried on working for about 2 years after it was meant to be removed then I got PG the month after it was removed.

I think they're supposed to last for a while but are slightly less effective

BrieAndChilli Sun 27-Sep-20 12:11:22

There have been studies that suggest they work fine for at least 7 years and I believe in some countries this is the medical advice. I don’t think they have tested them longer than 7 years but it is possible for longer.
I have had mine in for 8 years now. Partly because I lost track of when it needed to come out, combined with the fact that I avoid doctor/dentist until it’s not possible too. When I finally got round to plucking up the courage to go they couldn’t find the string so I was referred for a scan. Then lockdown hit so still waiting. Emailed them last month and they were working on referrals from about 6 weeks ahead of me so I’m expecting an appointment soon, although the county the hospital is in is now onlocal lock down so who knows.

lunalulu Sun 27-Sep-20 12:15:35

I would definitely get rid of it.

I had a friend who left hers in over time out of sentiment for her ex. Very sadly she then got ill - potentially connected to having left it in.

MrsGxx Sun 27-Sep-20 12:35:23

My periods haven’t come back, which is odd.
Which is why I’m re-thinking it hasn’t ran out as such.
I do have an appointment Tuesday morning for removal finally. I’ve always suffered with it pretty much with certain pains, leg groin etc.. now I’m just worried about a crash once it’s removed and although I want to give my body a break of hormones I don’t want a pregnancy right now. I’m unsure what to go for next.
I have read it can cause PID, and I also think I am suffering from IBS.

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BrieAndChilli Sun 27-Sep-20 14:14:21

I don’t want another mirena. I suffered terribly when it was put in, both hormonally but also mentally, I underestimated how freaked out I would get about something ‘foreign’ being inside me and not being able to get it out. (I suffer from some sort ofnclaustrophoa, eg if I have loads of bracelets on I will suddenly get overwhelmed that they are going to be stuck and not come off and I have to take them off straight away, probably more anxiety than claustrophobic but I can’t stand being locked in anywhere either)
Don’t want to go back on pill, copper coil is supposed to cause really heavy periods, don’t want implant due to hormones.
Might try and persuade DH to have the snip!

MrsGxx Sun 27-Sep-20 19:14:48

I have pain in my lower back, like a lower back ache mainly right sided😪
My health anxiety is reallllly kicking in now making me think all kinds of things are wrong.
Surely I can’t be experiencing all these symptoms purely down to the coil? I mean.. I’ve had it in a long time and if the coil was to cause anything I’d know surely like an infection I’d be really poorly?
It feels like a ‘period type back ache’ but no period I haven’t had one since I’ve had it in for 6 years.

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